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A View from the Floor

I thought about writing a poem today. But then I came across Jennifer Flyod’s Six-Word Story Slice of Life post and I reconsidered my plan. Believe it or not, I haven’t done much Six-Word Story work so I Googled it to learn more. (Click here for to my favorite summary of what they are.) So, as a recently-ordained boy mama, here goes:

He’s teaching me to play trucks.


slice of life_individual
Head over to http://twowritingteachers.org on Tuesdays for more slice of life stories.

17 thoughts on “A View from the Floor

      1. Wussed out this week. Somehow I’m finding them very hard – an odd perfectionist streak sets in and I can’t quite publish… so I wrote about my students and their reading. Maybe next week…

  1. I love this story (and Ari will love seeing this one day, too)! The pictures are a perfect addition! I’m so glad that you joined me in writing one of these stories!

  2. You will be glad to have the words and pictures, even though the memory will always be there. I can close my eyes and see my grubby little son playing in the dirt with his Tonka dump truck on a hot summer day. And it was decades ago…

  3. Choosing the right six words can tell a powerful story. IO think your words tell a perfect story. I agree with Lisa, sound effects are an important part of playing trucks.

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