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Every night, my husband or I place Ari’s all but one of his stuffed animals in the four corners of his crib. [Muttsy (aka: Upstairs Puppy)] has been tucked under his arm for months now!] For the past week, Ari has been rearranging his animals as soon as I lay him down in his crib. It starts out like a roll call:

“Puppy? Baby? London?”

Then it evolves into Ari scurrying to the four corners of his crib to gather all of the animals. Initially, he tried to place them all under his arms. After a night or two of being unsuccessful at that, Ari placed the crib crew in a heap and collapsed on top of them like a concert-goer jumping into a mosh pit.

Look how much extra space is in that crib! (BTW: Poor Muttsy is shoved over all the way to the left in this photo!)

Tonight, after Ari took the initial roll call, he started saying, “Everybody! Everybody! Come here!”

I laughed. “May I turn on the light and take a picture of you with your animals?”

“Every-BODY!” he corrected.

“May I take a picture of you and everybody?” I replied.

He grinned a goofy-baby grin at me which implied his consent. I turned on the light and snapped a few pics.

“Light off!” he commanded.

I walked across the room, shut off the light switch, walked over to the crib, closed the gate, and said, “good night.”

“G’night, g’night, g’night!” he replied. “I luh-ooo.”

“I love you too,” I said.

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18 thoughts on “Everybody!

  1. Ari seems like he’s at a delightful stage right now. Makes me grin to read about it. Just FYI, my 8-year-old, a former stuffed animal gatherer himself, is upstairs asleep in a bunk bed, surrounded by stuffed animals. 🙂

    1. He’s mostly delightful. However, at 30 pounds and 2-years-old, he is physically exhausting! That said, there’s so much more good stuff than frustrating stuff, so I’ll take it.

      And if I don’t write about things like him throwing himself down on the floor at synagogue when there was no more apple juice left in his cup, then it didn’t happen, right? 😉

  2. How sweet is that! And what a little personality!! My son is just 3 months old and I am loving watching his little personality shine through slowly! I can’t wait for funny experiences like this. I think my heart might burst!! Thank you for sharing a smile!

  3. My 37 year old son still sleeps with his green felt dragon when he comes home to visit! (He’d kill me if he knew I wrote that.) . I love the image of Ari diving into the stuffed animals as though it were a most pit. LOL! Love the small moments and the pix to go with them!

  4. Oh how I love Muttsy. Ari snuggled with all of his animals reminds me of myself when I was his age. It’s so great that he’s engaging in pretend play as well!

  5. Hahaha, so cute! We limited my daughter to 2 animals allowed in bed to make sure she wouldn’t try to add more every day, and switching them out is a big production sometimes. (She has never really gotten attached to any 1 special animal, which is both disappointing and nice!) I loved the little snippets of his talking!

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