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Who do you greet at the grocery store?

I shouldn’t have spoken up. I should’ve let the little girl’s mother think my son was the friendliest toddler around.

But I clarified. Because I am honest. Almost to a fault.


As we rounded the bend onto the dairy aisle in the supermarket, Ari began calling out the names of his “friends” he wanted to visit.

“Califia! Starbucks Lady! Butter Lady!”

What does that mean, you might ask? Well, my sweet son has taken a liking to the logos on a few products — namely the women on my almond milk bottle, iced coffee bottle, and butter container.

“We’re not stopping by Califia,” I said as I purposely buzzed by the nut milk case.

“Starbucks Lady,” he called out as I stopped to pick up a bottle of Blonde Roast.

I snagged a bottle from the shelf and handed it to Ari who said, “Hi, Starbucks Lady” and then gave her a fist bump. I shook my head. Sometimes this kid is too much!

We kept walking.

“Butter Lady!” Ari called out as we got close to the butter display.

“I don’t need butter today,” I told him.

That didn’t matter. At the top of his lungs, he yelled, “Hi!” And started waving.

A woman with a bow-wearing daughter looked up at Ari. “Hi,” she said, grinnning at him.

She went back to chatting with her daughter while Ari called out, “Blue one! Hi, Butter Lady! Red one! Hi, Butter Lady.” (In case this doesn’t make sense to you, these represent the different-colored lids of Land O’ Lakes Butter. Ari likes to greet each variety.)

Oh. My. Goodness.

Here’s a photo of Ari greeting one of his “friends” at home. (Yes, this kind of thing happens nearly every time I open my fridge.)

“Honey, we aren’t buying any butter today. I need to put these containers back and we need to go,” I said patiently.

“Hi!” Ari waved to the rest of the Land O’ Lakes display.

The woman turned around. “Hi there. Look how he’s saying hi to you,” the lady told her daugther. “Can you say hi back to him?“ She gave Ari a wave.

“Ari, can you say hi to the girl and her mom?”

The mother looked at me quizzically, as if to say ‘hasn’t he been doing that all along.’

Ari waved hello to them. And that’s when the words bust loose from my mouth, “He was actually saying hi to the lady on the butter container.”

She looked at me funny.

Let’s be honest, I would’ve looked at me funny too. What kid greets butter with that much excitement?

“Okay, say bye to the nice lady and her daughter,” I told Ari.

“Bye-bye,” he said.

And then, “Bye, Butter Lady!”


16 thoughts on “Who do you greet at the grocery store?

  1. I love the uninhibited joy of children and the wonderful ways they share that joy with us all – even if by simply waving to the butter lady! So glad you captured and shared this story with us here.

  2. Too funny – she should get it. I love that he is talking and looking around – not looking down quietly at a device. That is all I ever see in grocery stores now – makes me so sad. I think he should be a mentor text for what grocery shopping should look like!

  3. This is such a cute story and brought back memories of my boys being little in a grocery store! Kids are so funny sometimes! He’ll be a great shopper someday with the way he notices details and greets life with open arms (well, fist bumps)! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hahaha! I love Ari stories. He’s just one big bundle of personality. I will admit that I might have looked at you funny in the grocery store if this had happened to me, but inside I would have been laughing my head off – he’s saying hi to the butter. Hahaha! That’s the best.

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