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A View from the Floor

I thought about writing a poem today. But then I came across Jennifer Flyod’s Six-Word Story Slice of Life post and I reconsidered my plan. Believe it or not, I haven’t done much Six-Word Story work so I Googled it to learn more. (Click here for to my favorite summary of what they are.) So, as a recently-ordained boy mama, here goes:

He’s teaching me to play trucks.


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On the Move

Nearly every Tuesday morning, I find myself in the same predicament. How do I entertain Ari while Isabelle has speech therapy? I used to be able to keep him in his stroller or hold him and listen to Isabelle’s sessions through the one-way mirror.

Not anymore.

Ari is mobile now! He will sit in his stroller when we are in motion, but not for a 45-minute appointment. Therefore, I’ve allowed him to walk around the hallways and through the gym in the therapy services office for the past few weeks.

Last week, as we trolled the halls, I named everything Ari touched. We passed so many doors during our 45-minute jaunt that he said his first word: door!

Today, Ari wanted to explore the gym where the adult physical therapy patients work with their therapists. While everyone is happy to see a baby roaming around, I always stay a couple of steps behind him so he doesn’t topple over a frail patient or climb on any of the equipment.

This morning, one of the therapy assistants couldn’t get over how much Ari had grown since she last saw him so she was happy to let him assist her pushing her cart around the gym as she refilled each station with clean sheets. The two of them were beyond cute walking around the gym with each together:

Finally, it was time to go back and check in on Isabelle at the end of her session. In case you need proof as to why we can’t observe her sessions, this photo of Ari on the other side of the one-way mirror says it all:

You can’t be a clandestine observer when someone is pounding on the mirror!

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Look What the Boy-Child Did

I felt twinges of annoyance when people have told me things like "just wait 'till you see how wild he's going to be" or "he will destroy your house" when referring to the fact my second child was going to be a boy. How different could boys and girls be?

There are things I've noticed Ari doing that Isabelle never did, such as, crawling on the shelf below the top of our coffee table and unloading all of the board books from bookshelves. I've chalked this stuff up to the fact that his physical development (i.e., his gross motor skills) is happening earlier than his sister. No big deal.

This morning, I was getting ready to for the day in my bedroom while the kids played together in Isabelle's bedroom. Suddenly, I heard Isabelle yell, "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Ari destroyed something!" A second later she was standing in front of me.

"What happened?"

"We were playing and he grabbed the nightlight out of the wall."

So what? This is an every day occurrence.

"Okay…" I replied.

"And then this happened!" Isabelle produced the nightlight — in three parts — for me to see.

"Whoa! Were there any other parts on the floor?"

"No," Isabelle replied. "This was everything."

"You were wise to take this away from him and bring it to me. That shows me you're looking out for your brother. Thanks for being responsible."

"He broke my nightlight," Isabelle stated matter-of-factly.

"He didn't mean to do that," I said as I tried, unsuccessfully, to put it back together. "We have other nightlights."

"Okay," she said.

"C'mon, let's get the little destroyer and go to camp."

My take-away from today: This is the first of many things the boy-child will destroy.