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Breakfast on Passover #SOL21

Mommy: What would you like for breakfast?

Ari: An English muffin with cream cheese.

Mommy: It’s Passover. We don’t have any English muffins in the house. Would you like matzah with cream cheese?

Ari: No.

Mommy: Would you like matzah with peanut butter or a scrambled egg?

Ari: I’d like a waffle with syrup.

Mommy: Waffles aren’t Kosher for Passover. They’re leavened so we don’t eat them on Passover. What else would you like?

Ari: An English muffin with…

Mommy: We don’t have English muffins in the house because they’re also leavened. We don’t eat them on Passover. Remember the four questions? Chametz o’ matzah? Well, on all other days we can eat delicious yeasty breads or matzah, but on Passover, we only eat matzah.

Ari: I know.

Mommy: So no waffles, no pancakes, no toast, no English muffins this week. What would you like?

Ari: How about a matzah pancake like Zayde made me yesterday?

Mommy: I wish I could make that for you, buddy, but I don’t have the recipe for it and it’s too early to call Zayde at home. I will make bubbelehs, which are special Passover pancakes, for dinner one night this week. Would you like matzah with cream cheese, matzah with peanut butter, or an egg?

Ari: I guess I’ll have an egg. But no cheese!

Ultimately, this is what Ari ate for breakfast.
If only he’d be willing to have some veggies and chese mixed in like me…

13 thoughts on “Breakfast on Passover #SOL21

  1. I feel like this would be the perfect children’s book! The dialogue is relatable and crisp. Stacey, maybe you’ll consider pursuing it. I learned more about Passover through this slice than in some much longer texts. The story of course captures the age-old conversations between parents and children about what can, cannot and will be eaten. Great stuff!

    1. This is super kind of you to say, Sherri. I will consider it. Perhaps the surprise (or maybe it’s not such a surprise) ending is that at lunchtime, he asked for an English muffin with cream cheese AGAIN!

  2. I agree with the children’s book idea. The dialogue back and forth is spot on. And after allll the explanation, he settles on just eggs! This slice put a smile on my face. Thank you.

  3. I love the conversation – it is one I remember from so long ago! Dad would make eggs and fried matzah. I agree with Sherri – fodder for a children’s book! Your photos always add something special to your posts. What are bubblelehs? Something like a souffle with matzah and egg beaten together and baked in the oven? I vaguely remember my mom making something like this.

  4. The back and forth of this is darling. I grinned. I can almost hear the tiny bit of frustration of “Well? what -can- I eat?” I ditto the above in it would make a great scene in a children’s book. Even for adults, like me, who also learned something mew from this exchange.

  5. Yup, they’re not wrong – this (plus the request for an English muffin at lunch time) would be a great picture book. It also made me laugh because Ari is definitely in a place where he seems to be very clear about what he wants – I’m remembering his strong will from earlier in the month. I admire your patient explanation & hope you’ve got a few more days of patience in you!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing about Passover and your family! I’ve enjoyed following your posts here and on IG! I also agree that this would be a wonderful picture book! I would definitely add it to my library!

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