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Pandemic Play #SOL21

The kids and I were driving in the car this morning when Ari declared, “Patchy’s sick today.” (Patchy, his beloved stuffed dog, was not along for the ride.)

“Is that why Patchy stayed home?” I asked.

“Yes,” Ari replied.

“What’s wrong with Patchy?” Isabelle inquired, playing along.

“He got his coronavirus vaccine yesterday,” Ari declared.

“So is he sick or is he is dealing with the side effects from his vaccination?” I clarified.

“The side effects,” Ari responded.


I was in the next room, minding my own business, when I heard Isabelle say, “Line ‘em all up, Ari! Hand me the doctor kit.”

That’s when I discovered they set up a mass vaccination site for some of their stuffed animals had been set up in the playroom!

When I walked into the playroom, I discovered that Ari was in charge of crowd control and Isabelle was doing pre-screening.

The pandemic has infiltrated their play, I thought sadly. It’s funny in a tragic sort of way.

I didn’t stick around to see who administered the shots, but I do plan to follow-up to see if anyone has a headache, nausea, fever, or sore arm tomorrow.


16 thoughts on “Pandemic Play #SOL21

  1. Wow, the conversation snippets will serve as a reminder of this time. Better they make believe vaccinations vs. hospitalizations. Sigh. Our children are processing all of this through play. Thank you for sharing this slice.

  2. Oh goodness. This is adorable, but oh so tragic too. I’m happy to hear they are processing these huge events in their lives, though. It’s interesting how it infiltrates into their lives. I see/hear some interesting things from my 3rd graders! I love how you clarified “sick” vs. “side effects”. I get my second dose Wednesday, so I’m hoping for none of the above!

    1. I feel like many skeptics need to understand the difference between side effects and illness. Hoping enough of our kids will get it right so that they know the difference once they grow up.

  3. I love the ways kids manage all they take in through their play. I’m glad all the stuffies were eligible for vaccines–clearly the virus is under control in your house!


    PS Love the dialogue in the first half of the post!

  4. I’m glad that this play is about vaccines and getting well – and I’m glad they feel like they’ve got things under control. Here’s hoping that vaccine distribution for humans is as quick and painless as it was for their stuffies!

    1. The vaccine roll-out has not been smooth in PA. If only kids were in charge (and could safely administer shots), then I think the entire state would have been inoculated by now.

  5. What an amazing way for them to process all this craziness! It sounds like they have a good handle on things and that a positive outcome is on its way!

  6. For kids five or six and under, this is the only life they know now, they don’t remember stuff from more than a year ago. Masks, sanitizing, app-life, this is the normal for them. My 8 yo daughter had forgotten what the inside of a movie theater looked like! She doesn’t touch the grocery or delivery boxes that come in, unless she’s tild they’ve all been wiped. 😀 I’m afraid they’ll soon forget what the inside of a plane looks like even!

  7. Wow. It is funny and tragic. Such a great slice about childhood and the pandemic. My kids used to play travel agency. They’d make pretend phone calls, invent fake travelers, and keep notes on who booked what vacation. Maybe now that the stuffed animals have been vaccinated, they can travel again!

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