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Matzah Monsters and the #MatzahChallenge – #SOL21

I noticed decorated matzah filling up my Instagram feed yesterday afternoon. I clicked on the hashtag to see what #MatzahChallenge was about. Soon after, I found myself on the UJA Federation of New York’s website. The mission of the challenge was clear:

Ari was a little heavy-handed with the chocolate pupils!
  • Create a tasty matzah treat.
  • Snap a photo.
  • Post it on social media using the #MatzahChallenge hashtag.
  • An anonymous donor would donate $18 to UJA for every #MatzahChallenge photo on social media.

Easy enough, right?

So, Ari and I reprised the matzah monsters we made (with Isabelle) over the weekend. (Click here to read Rebekah Lowin’s original post and check out the recipe for her Matzah Monster treats.) While I learned a few things about working with candy melts and melted chocolate since making the first batch of matzah monsters over the weekend, I also learned that perfect monster eyeballs were out of the question when working with my children. I threw out the idea of perfection and just enjoyed working with Ari to create a tasty matzah snack for a good cause. Here’s how they came out:

The good news is that the Matzah Monsters taste better than they look.
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21 thoughts on “Matzah Monsters and the #MatzahChallenge – #SOL21

  1. Oh, I want to munch on one of those Matzoh monsters! How adorable. What a joyful project! Stacey, thank you and all the TWT team for this extraordinary month of blogging!

  2. Perfection is so overrated. If we expected perfection every time we do something, some of us (me) would do nothing. Spending time with your children – now that is perfection.

  3. This is such a light-hearted and fun slice to round out your month!! So much joy- heavy-handed with icing or not! Some days, too much icing is necessary.
    So glad to have connected!! Xx

  4. These Matzah Monsters are precious! Seriously! I just so happen to have a container of “monster sprinkles” in my cabinet – random eyeballs and other festive creepy things, as you never know when such will be needed.

    Thank you again – you and the team – for the incredible gift of this Challenge.

  5. Stacey, I am returning today to read some more slices. This pandemic has made it harder for me to focus on a screen for long periods of time so I sadly did not read as much as I have in years past and many of my comments, like this one is a day late. Of well. Please let Ari know that his monsters are so unique. I especially like how they each monster has a different number of eyes, making them seem both scary and funny in my opinion.

    Your post reminds me of what I celebrated doing this March – making my blog posts more interactive by adding hyperlinks and photos. I am forever grateful that 8 years ago I discovered your amazing blog and gave the challenge a try. So glad I kept at it. In Arlington VA, I’m hosting a SLICER CELEBRATION on April 11th in the park down from my house and invited a dozen slicers. I told all to wear orange and be ready to share a line from their favorite slice written this March. Look what you inspire! You are a force Stacey! Thanks for including me in this writing community. Your writing friend, Sally

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