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Coloring Together

Ari heard my footsteps as I came downstairs. “Hi, Mommy!” he said.

“Hi, Ari!” I answered. “What are you doing?”

“I’m coloring with Isabelle!” he replied.

“I see that,” I said.

“I’m drawing a flower,” Isabelle said.

“I can see that,” I replied.

“I wanna draw a flower,” Ari said.

The coloring continued. A few seconds later, Ari said, “I wanna draw a tushe.”

Isabelle and I started laughing.

“A tushe? Oh my G-d,” Isabelle replied.


39 thoughts on “Coloring Together

  1. This is the sweetest! I can only imagine what is drawing looked like. 😉 I also just love the chronicles of Ari and Isabelle; what a fun little brother-sister bond they have formed.

  2. I remember a slice of your little readers together, now her’s one about little artists. This togetherness is honey to a mother’s heart.

  3. This brought such a smile to my face. Out of the mouth of babes is all I think of hear big your story.
    Your picture adds to the tenderness of the moment with your two children.

  4. Very cute, Stacey! I am sure Ari loved the big laugh! He and Isabelle are such wonderful friends, and I hope they continue to enjoy each other and be there for each other as they grow up and have their own families. I am sure they will! What a treasure to have this family and these simple joys every day! A great collection for them – perhaps to give to them when they graduate from high school or university. A wonderful gift!

  5. I’m with Isabelle, “Oh my G_d!” From the mouths of babes. Watch out for Ari. He says what’s on his mind.

  6. Haaaaa! Was Ari able to sketch out a tushe? What a riot. I had a notebook when my kids were younger to try and capture conversations. As with most things I got so busy I didn’t keep it up the way I wish I had. So glad you are capturing those snippets with your own babes. They are treasures!

  7. This is adorable. My 4 year old granddaughter recently went to see a circus. When I asked her what she liked best, she said, “The camel poop!” There’s more fun ahead.

  8. So cute! The best conversations happen while coloring. My two girls do the three marker challenge – they pick three markers out of the bin (blindfolded) and then they have to draw a picture in color with those three markers. The older two siblings (and my wife and I) are the judges. The best part: the conversations. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thanks for the smile and chuckle. Reminds me of when my then 4 year old nephew exclaimed to his little sister, “Jesus Christ, Ella, can you knock!” Just like his beloved grandmother.

  10. This is very sweet and very funny. I have loved making my transition to fourth grade this year, but seeing so many people posting about their own children does remind me of the love and wonder I had when I worked with preschool-kindergarteners. Thanks for helping to inspire the memories!

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