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To the Sun and Back

I stood at the kitchen island, pouring my morning coffee when Isabelle said, “Mommy, look at us.”

Isabelle, Ari, and a Hershey Bar

I looked up and discovered Isabelle and Ari hugging on his overstuffed chair.

“Awww! You two are so sweet. How much do you love your brother?” I asked Isabelle.

She ignored my question and went back to hugging Ari. So, I went back to pouring my coffee.

A minute or so later, Isabelle asked me, “How far away is the sun?”

“Millions of miles away,” I replied.

“How far is it from the sun back to here?” She asked.

“It’s millions of miles back to Earth,” I replied. (Who does she think I am? NASA? A Google Search Engine?)

She looked at me with the sincerest expression and said, “Well, that’s how much I love Ari. I love him to the sun and back.”

{Heart melting.}

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27 thoughts on “To the Sun and Back

  1. OMG, just when I think your kids can’t get any cuter/sweeter, there’s this! I love their love for one another! Clearly, they do, too!

  2. In the future these sweet moments will be the ones you remember, I’m pretty sure (spoken with about 40 years of hindsight!) The sun and back is delightful, reminds me of the hare and to the moon and back…

  3. So stinkin’ sweet! It’s really amazing what kids think and say! We adults need to always be listening – and writing – to capture it and hold it for years! Great way to start me day! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is why we slice. To capture moments. Ten years from now (!!!), you’ll wander back to these archives and remember it all over again (I came across the reading of the Lorax to my son in one of my very first Slice from a decade ago and it was a beautiful memory)

  5. I guess Isabel was trying to figure out the depth of her love for her brother when she ignored you. That was an amazing response she gave at the end.

  6. Love, love, love this! Little ones say the sweetest things and sometimes not so much, but they are always honest. They lose this innocence when they become teenagers. Why?:) My favorite line – “Who does she think I am? NASA? A Google Search Engine?” – Thanks for making me smile!

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