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It’s not a dog.

I was flipping a spatchcocked chicken in a Dutch oven with a pair of tongs. Ari, who was watching from a distance, said, “It’s a dog!”

“It’s not a dog,” I replied. “It’s a chicken.”

“It’s a dog,” Ari said.

My stomach turned — as it always does — when Ari declared that the whole chicken was a dog. Clearly, I am not a vegetarian. However, the idea of cooking a dog on my stovetop makes me bristle.

And, yes, every time I make a whole chicken, Ari says “it’s a dog.” This kid knows what dogs look like. I don’t know why he thinks whole chickens are dogs. For now, I will chalk this up to him being two years old!

23 thoughts on “It’s not a dog.

  1. His comment makes cooking a chicken a completely different experience. Being two it’s most likely he sees the legs and skin, generalizing. Two year olds say what they think and will be a great story to share as he gets older.

  2. How terrible is it that I just spent a long minute staring at that spatchcocked chicken and trying to see a dog in it? I came up with pretty much the same image as Ms Chiubooka. Maybe it’s time to try roasting chickens whole for a while?

  3. Adorable! Glad you saved the details of these moments–this is definitely a story you’re going to share with him over and over when he gets bigger!

  4. Okay, so now I have lost my appetite for chicken. I will be making a sandwich for dinner. Thanks for putting a smile on my face. My baby is nine-years-old, and I miss the cute sayings (although, she still does say some crazy stuff).

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