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Bedtime Snuggles Can Solve Everything.

Bedtime Selfie (with bears)

“Mommy,” Isabelle said. “Will you snuggle with me?”

I hesitated. It was nearly 7:30 p.m. and I still needed to prepare dinner for me and Marc. But, I was oh-so-tired and beyond stressed-out. What harm could come from saying yes.

“Absolutely,” I replied. “But just for a few minutes,” I said keeping expectations in check. After all, if I laid down beside Isabelle and turned-off the lights, I would’ve been out for the night.

We snuggled with teddy bears and talked about chapped lips. (How is it possible that we are still dealing with chapped lips when it feels warm outside, we wondered.) Then, the conversation turned to Purim.

“Are you going to dress up as Piggie for Purim?” I asked Isabelle. (She was Piggie and Ari was Gerald for Halloween.)

“No, I don’t want to,” she said.

“Well, what will you be?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she replied.

“Do you still have the Minnie Mouse ears and skirt?” I asked her.

“Yeah,” she replied.

“Why don’t you dress up as Minnie?” I asked.

“I don’t want to be Minnie,” she said.

“What do you want to be?” I asked, cringing, since I am NOT a costume designer.

“I want to be a butterfly,” she replied.

I reached for my phone, which was beside her bed. I looked up “butterfly wings for kids.” I braced myself for what was going to probably be an expensive endeavor. Shockingly, I found a pair of Monarch Butterfly wings for $9.99.

“Are you sure you want to be a butterfly?” I asked.

“Yes, I want to be a butterfly,” she replied.

“What do you think of wearing these wings with a black shirt and black pants you already have?” I asked.

“I like that,” Isabelle replied.

A few clicks later and the Purim dress-up issue was solved.

We talked for a few more minutes and then I had to excuse myself. After all, I had dinner to make and work to do. But as I closed the light and walked out of Isabelle’s room, I felt a calm come over me that I hadn’t felt all day. I was relaxed for the first time. It’s amazing what some snuggles can do for a person.

19 thoughts on “Bedtime Snuggles Can Solve Everything.

  1. I love the way you capture the tug-of-war between what you need to do and what you want to do. And, that you were able to find the sweet spot, that lovely balance, and bring peace to you and Isabelle. When I remember my days of teaching full-time and raising my daughters, the snuggling at bedtime is one of the things I miss. I don’t miss trying to get all of us out the door in the morning, or trying to do the dishes, help with homework and plan for my students simultaneously….but that precious time before bed, that I miss.

  2. Love your description of time well spent with Isabelle and the calming effect it had on you. May I borrow your kids for a week or two? Loved the conversation, the instant solution in the form of a butterfly costume (How interesting that Isabelle chose a butterfly! Did you ask her why?). Loved the closing line about the power of snuggles!

  3. Snuggles are a great time to learn about and from our kids. My 11 y-o still cherishes our moments before bedtime, although now our ‘lights out’ times are painfully close together by now.

  4. Simply beautiful. I loved how you captured this moment, shared the dialogue, and how it helped center you as well.
    I connected with your piece because of a similar tug-of-war for my time happened yesterday. After an early dinner I had the choice of cleaning up and sending the boys outside to play soccer or joining them. I decided the dishes and table could wait, and we all enjoyed a relatively warm soccer half hour.

  5. Yes. Like the best medicine some days for sure. And almost always when you didn’t know it was what you needed. But then boom – all is right and well for a while afterward. So familiar with that. Awesome.

  6. Love this! Sometimes a snuggle from one of my kids (only two will let me snuggle with them; the other two think they are too old – I am so sad about this) can help all week long.:)

  7. I miss how much young kids slow you down – with older kids you can literally work all the time. It is easy to lose balance. Enjoy this time and remember to always take time to enjoy and slow down. Thanks for giving us all a snuggle!

  8. Ah, just lovely. The whole sweet little conversation, successful costume shopping, and you didn’t fall asleep! I know that feeling all too well. One minute you’re awake and the next–OUT. Nicely done.

  9. When I read with my son in his bed when he was probably around your daughter’s age, every time we finished reading he used to tell me, “and now, let’s snuggle.” Probably it was our favorite thing to do each day. Drop everything and snuggle!

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