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Don’t take your brother out of the crib… unless there’s a fire.

We purchased a drop-gate crib when I was pregnant with Isabelle so I wouldn’t have to bend down as far to pick her up out of the crib. Ari has been using the same crib since we brought him home from the hospital.

Once Ari was old enough to stand, we told Isabelle she wasn’t to lift Ari out of the crib unless there was a house fire. Do you think she listened to us?

Well, mostly she did, but one day — a few months ago — Isabelle lifted Ari out of the side of the crib. Why did she do that? “Because my arms weren’t long enough to open the drop gate,” she told me.

“But you were told not to take him out unless there was a fire,” I stated.

“But I wanted to play with him,” she replied.

Marc and I gave Isabelle a stern warning and it had not happened again… until this morning.

Look! She’s even letting him hold Teddy!

Both kids woke up before we did. By the time Marc entered Ari’s room, he found Ari out of the crib with the drop gate down. Apparently, Isabelle’s wingspan is long enough to open the drop gate now. (Gotta love an almost six-year age difference!) He returned to our bedroom to relay the news.

I prepared a stern speech as I rolled out of bed. But I softened when I walked into Ari’s room. The two of them were sitting together on his glider with an iPad. It was locked, but Isabelle was commanding Siri to place a FaceTime call to my mother-in-law. However, she said, “FaceTime Linda Shubitz” (Shubitz is not my mother-in-law’s last name.), which led to Siri denying her the connection. Therefore, I gently reminded Isabelle for her safety and for Ari’s safety that she shouldn’t take Ari out of the crib. Then, I reminded her Grandma’s last name was Schaefer, not Shubitz. Then I left the room so they could make their FaceTime call without me hovering over them.

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25 thoughts on “Don’t take your brother out of the crib… unless there’s a fire.

  1. Adi, our middle daughter, often gets into the crib with Rose- to keep her company if they are both up early. It’s sweet that they were spending time together.

  2. The further adventures of Ari. Legend in our family is that Bobs’s younger. Rotor climbed out of his own crib…and broke his arm. At only three years apart, our two did not conspire like this the FaceTime…so sweet.

      1. Our little Dylan fell down our stairs around age 1. Terrifying! He didn’t cry at first and as I ran I feared the worst. Here he is 27, not so worse for wear. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. How long until Ari climbs out himself into her waiting arms? Love this post – reminded me of a story from my own childhood when five-year-old me decided to pick up my months-old sister because she was crying and my mother was taking too long to get her. Pretty sure I got the “don’t pick the baby up unless there’s a fire” lecture way back then, too!

  4. I have to say, the idea of Ari and Iz being the first ones up and facetiming your parents with that time gives me all the warm fuzzies. I bet your mom cherishes those calls!

  5. Well, family legend has it that I taught my sister (1 1/2 years younger) to play horsey riding on her crib railing. She fell… Big sisters have to teach their younger siblings all kinds of things- some even forbidden;)

  6. Those two are just so darn cute – love the photos you post! What a great thing for Isabelle to try to do with Ari – a Face Time call with Grandma! Isabelle is such a great big sister! Love to hear about their adventures together!

  7. This is not the first slice I have read that has led me to wonder about a password on Siri and the potential challenges with kids giving Siri commands and thus having access to tech without our knowing. Things I never thought I would be pondering!

    1. The iPad has kid-settings on it when it’s opened. When it’s locked (they don’t have the passcode), all they can do is play music that’s on the iPad, text and FaceTime their grandparents or parents, and ask Siri for the weather. Whew.

  8. Sweetest slice I’ve read on this snow day! I love how Isabelle just wanted Ari to be with her when she faced timed! The image (even without your pic) was tender – your stern voice was far in the distance! Thanks for sharing!

  9. You know, it is like they have that little bit of charm programmed into their little bodies. Just when you want to scold, they redeem themselves, and you bite your lip. I’ve been there so many times! My two children are 27 months apart, and, man, are they thick as thieves! My husband and I always joke about how they are in cahoots together. Sounds like your children are much the same 🙂

  10. This is too cute! You might need to change the rules… exceptions are for fires and for FaceTiming Grandma.

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