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Nothing is safe.

Ari and Puppy are pictured searching for juice. (NOTE: It’s on the top shelf.)

Our new refrigerator arrived over the weekend. I have to tell you… it’s wonderful. After nearly a decade of having a French door refrigerator with a bottom freezer (I detested the bottom freezer!), we have a side-by-side. Our new fridge is 2.2 cubic feet larger than our last fridge-freezer combo, so it feels like we upgraded from a compact car to a sedan.


Ari adores opening the new refrigerator’s door. And the thing is, he no longer needs to go to the trouble of pulling a chair over to the fridge (which we usually see and stop him from doing) in order to take out what he wants. Now he just hops right in and tries to grab things! (This makes having anything that’s opened or made of glass impossible to put on a lower shelf or on the door!) Not even the door alarm makes him reconsider his choice of raiding the fridge. Nope. He lets the alarm keep dinging until one of us asks him to close the door.

Do I regret my choice to get a side-by-side? Not a bit.

Do I wish our new fridge-freezer had a door-lock option? Absolutely.


35 thoughts on “Nothing is safe.

    1. I know, right? I should really be in charge of design for grocery carts (last month’s post) and household appliances. I think I could help manufacturers see a mom’s perspective.

  1. I remember those days! And we did have a refrigerator lock. It was a little plastic closure, and it did keep them out! Lovely choice by the way!

  2. Our fridge is on top of the freezer at home. When my 6 year old was a toddler and we would travel to a hotel or someone’s house he would spend the whole time getting in the fridge. You brought back a good memory!

  3. We have the opposite problem at our house. Rose likes everything tidy and will often try to shut the refrigerator doors:cabinets while we’re still in there!

  4. Heeheehee. My youngest was (and is) into everything. After several back-to-back visits to the hospital (he once swallowed a nickel before he finished getting IV antibiotics for an infected cat bite), a young resident asked if we had considered childproofing our home. I laughed so hard I nearly cried. Fatigue, yes, and the knowledge that if there is a door, they will figure out how to open it. Glad you got a new fridge.

  5. I really love your title for this post. I feel that way about everything in our house and beyond when it comes to my kids getting into things! I think you should write a persuasive letter to someone somewhere about why refrigerator doors should have a lock option.

  6. I love your comparison of your new fridge to upgrading from a compact car to a sedan. It’s funny how we all have our fridge preferences. Confession: I’m a huge fan of the bottom freezer 🙂 It’s also funny that this isn’t something I remember being an issue with any of my three children. They all got into plenty of things (one of them was drawn to the knife block–that still makes me shiver!) but apparently the fridge wasn’t enticing. Enjoy the new fridge and good luck!

  7. Favorite line – t feels like we upgraded from a compact car to a sedan.
    Oh how I remember these days. It’s just impossible to keep up with this kind of curiosity and commitment to getting into everything. I do think they should make a fridge lock. After all, it has all the other bells and whistles, that sedan does.

    1. Me too! Best thing is that it’s QUIET. The old one was having problems with the motor fan. I could hear the blades hitting something they weren’t supposed to be hitting from my bedroom at night. It was bound to break soon.

  8. I agree with Beth… locks are needed! Your post reminds me of the fridge we have now: a pull-open bottom freezer door that my three year-old constantly gets into to pull out the ice cream. Love the lightness and “real feel” of this piece, Stacey 🙂

    1. Ha! I can relate. Every time we opened the bottom freezer, Ari would request ice cream since he LOVES ice cream. At least we can put that on the top shelf of the side-by-side now.

  9. Just love hearing about Ari’s escapades! Looks like a great fridge! Such a great piece, Stacey. Funny, great details, everyday family life feels so real!

  10. The fact your fridge has an alarm makes me happy! That picture is adorable! Just wait. Soon, the alarm will be your son: “Mom, we don’t have anything to eat!” 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this fun slice with us!

    1. I would never have believed you if Ari were my first child. However, as the second (with nearly six years separating him and Isabelle), I know things will get easier. Maybe in a year (or two).

  11. Wouldn’t a lock option be nice!! My son just started crawling so we are slowly locking up and picking up things he can currently reach. I have a feeling things will just keep getting higher and higher up until we have to just put everything away somewhere!! Congrats on your new fridge!

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