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Date Night

Marc pulled the car out of the garage as I said good-bye to the kids. At first, neither Isabelle nor Ari came running. But just as I said good-bye to the adult in the room, both kids came running.

“But I don’t want you to go out…” Isabelle whined.

“You always say that before Daddy and I go out on a date. You’ll be fine,” I said kissing her on top of her head.

“You goin’ on a date!” Ari declared.

“That’s right,” I replied.

“Daddy’s goin’ on a date too!” he said.

“Is he going with me?” I asked.

Ari smiled. I gave him a kiss on the head too. However, he tried to follow me out of the door as I walked into the garage. Fortunately, he was redirected with, “Let’s go watch Mommy and Daddy from the window.”

With that, I slithered out the door and into Marc’s car for a much-needed dinner with my husband.

Pre-Dinner Selfie in the Fountain Lobby at the Hotel Hershey

The Circular made their chocolate fondue gluten-free by giving us extra cheesecake and fruit. Delicious!


55 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. Looks like fun! And, delicious. I love the use of the word “slithered. ” That’s just how it feels, trying to escape before anyone gets upset or cries. Off to sed if I can find some chocolate.

  2. I love the sweet dialogue of your family as you gracefully slither away into the arms of Hershey fondue! I really need chocolate ASAP. Effective post

  3. This is wonderful! Sometimes it seems very difficult to find time for each other, especially when you have little kids and busy work life. Eventually it all comes down to priorities and choices. You took/made time for the health of the relationship.

    1. Thanks! We actually took the date selfie for Ari, but when it came time to write my slice for the day, I realized I had the photo and decided to post it. (The fondue photo was intentionally taken for the post.)

  4. We occasionally get a date night, but we savor our date “afternoons” when our kids are still in the throes of the day and the leaving is not as difficult.

  5. Great that you are managing to still have alone grownup time. I loved reading the different reactions of Ari and Isabelle. I can imagine you slithering out a door that was just barely open for you.

  6. Such a good reminder that we need time for ourselves and those that matter. The happiness shines through the picture!

    1. We were asked if there was a special occasion we were celebrating last night. I blurted out, “Dinner without our kids.” I felt awful after I said it, but, honestly, it is nice to go out — just the two of us.

  7. So funny, now that my kids are 17 and 19 we never even think of date night anymore. Every night could be date night, but it was more fun when you had to plan it and escape out the door. We used to have a date night once a week. Keep it up – so important to connect and slow down together. Does look very yummy indeed!

    1. We go out about once a month. Wish it was more often, but Isabelle gets a little annoyed when we go out more often. Alas, we’re going out this-coming Saturday too (which we already told her… and she was displeased about)!

  8. How fun!! My wife and I had date night too. Unfortunately, it was after my son’s soccer game that ended at 10:00 PM, so we ended up at a bar for beer and pizza. Still a date!:)

  9. Date night is ALWAYS a good idea for parents of littles! Good for you guys for taking the much needed time! And that fondue… mouthwatering! Thanks for the reminder that a date night is overdue for us- maybe next weekend…

  10. Looks like you had a delicious time! My mom and dad went out almost every Saturday night without us. We always complained, but we survived!

  11. Date nights are relationship vitamins! By the way, the cheesecake, fruit, and chocolate look delicious!

  12. Look at that fondue. I’ve read in the comments that you get out about once a month – we need to prioritize this around here. Bet that picture would convince my hubby that this is important 🙂

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