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Drive! Drive! Drive!

My kids almost drove through the window of a car dealership the last time they hung out in a car inside of dealership. (I exaggerate… a little.) Therefore, when I took the minivan in for a 5,000 mile checkup, I entered the cars with Ari when he wanted to check them out.

I didn’t anticipate hanging out inside of any cars. After all, our Honda dealership has a kids’ room in the service area. However, Ari was less than thrilled with the play space, which consisted of one baby toy and a television. Instead, he wanted to greet the people in the waiting room (and then try to snag their water bottles) and look at the cars.

Ari inspected the exterior of a blue HRV. The hood was popped and he tried to reach inside to explore. Even though the car looked clean, it made me cringe. Therefore, I offered to go inside the vehicle with him. It’s amazing how sitting behind a steering wheel, pressing buttons, and standing on seats can make the time go by quickly! 45 minutes after we arrived, I noticed our minivan parked outside. While Ari probably could’ve stayed a little longer, I was eager to get home so I wouldn’t have to hold onto his legs as he stood on the seats and peered out of the car’s open windows!

25 thoughts on “Drive! Drive! Drive!

  1. I remember the days of following my kids’ curious antics. It’s fun to watch the gears turning in their heads as they explore, and wonder where that knowledge will take them. Glad you had a fun time at the dealership–without any broken glass walls!

  2. Absolute sweetness. I love how you are capturing these everyday moments. They feel like a scrapbook of Ari’s adventures!
    Also… I need to know how you get those great pictures. Is it is a filter on your phone? I just love the abstract look to it!

    1. I use Waterlogue to create those images. I don’t remember if the app was free or if I paid a couple of bucks for it, but it’s my favorite one. (I’ve tried Percolator and other ones like it, but the images didn’t feel as pretty to me.)

  3. Ha! First I enjoy your true small moments where we all come to love your children!
    But I was delighted that this post brought back a memory of my own son at that age-
    I would pack him in the car to drive his sisters to school, and when we got back home, parked, engine off, I would sometimes let him sit in the driver’s seat and play. At least two times I didn’t pay enough attention, he had managed to turn some light on, and when I went back out to the car the battery was dead! So here’s a word of warning… 🙂

    1. I appreciate the warning. I never let my kids play in my car, even when it is turned off. Their grandparents have allowed them to press buttons in their cars when their cars are turned off. Perhaps they need to hear your cautionary tales. (They read this blog so I’m sure they’ll read it.)

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