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“He smells like a baby.”

A few days ago, Isabelle gave Ari a whiff and declared, “He smells like a baby.”

Naturally, I thought he pooped. After several sniffs, I determined he hadn’t. In fact, I sniffed him all over and determined he smelled fine.

“If he has a smell, it’s a perfectly normal smell for a baby,” I declared while channeling my inner Pigeon (from The Pigeon Needs a Bath).

“Well,” Isabelle muttered as if it were an insult, “I still think he smells like a baby.”

This evening, after Ari’s bottle, I held him close on my chest and sang to him like I do every night. I breathed in his baby smell. Not his baby-baby smell, which was when he always smelled like spit-up and Alimentum formula that seemed to waft out of his pores. Instead, he smelled like a light baby shampoo with a touch of whole milk. I breathed in his scent again. This time, I realized that by this time next year, he may not even be taking nighttime bottles. While that probably means a more normal bedtime routine — and more time for my own endeavors — I will miss these nightly snuggles with my sweet-smelling baby.


16 thoughts on ““He smells like a baby.”

  1. I love that baby smell! It’s so sweet and comforting and lovely. Glad you get to cherish that smell a while longer. Oh, and I totally cracked up with your “channeling my inner Pigeon” joke!

  2. Routines (and smells) change with time. Maybe you won’t be singing bedtime songs, but there will be other rituals I’m sure. Love your descriptions of the scent of baby and baby-baby!

  3. Ah – the baby smell. I miss that! But there’s more to look forward to: my 9-year-old doesn’t know it, but sometimes I still take a little whiff of him as he goes to sleep – chlorine, a little sweat, and something that is ineffably him. He smells like “kid” to me… Thanks for making me think about that – and for your descriptions that bring back the baby memories, too.

  4. Mmmmmm. I love the smell of babies (should I also lump puppies and new cars into that category, because I love those smells too)! And such a special treasured time. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! It will be gone before you know it.

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