My Title-Writing Weaknesses

For the past few years I’ve started slicing on the final day of February. I’m always a day ahead since I don’t want to miss a day. Therefore, I don’t have to write today. After all, I won’t even be linking this “slice” to the challenge since I’ll be linking yesterday’s blog post on today’s call for slice of life stories.

BUT, here I am. 

“I’m not a title person!” It’s something I regularly declare to the TWT co-author team (and anyone else who comes to me in search of clever wordsmithing). But somehow, I managed to craft titles for my blog posts for the past 31 days. Looking back at them helps me remember the month that was. Here’s a peek at every title I wrote for the 10th Annual SOLSC. 

Can I Play Too?

Pink Tails

Read Across America Day

The BIG Cut

The Human Body in Art

Sunday Mornings


When the End Isn’t in Sight

We have an eater!

Things I’m Pretty Sure of Today

Parental Visit

Nine Months to Take It Off

Oh Today We’ll Merry-Merry Be

I Wish You More

Picture Books to Weather the Storm

Big Sister Saves the Day

Me: By the Numbers

The Vulnerable Among Us

When the Ride Stops

In Praise of the Snotsucker

Questioning Myself (as the Parent of an Emerging Reader)

Magical Morning Moments

I Think I Need a Mommy Bracelet

Mutual Admiration Society

Ice Cream Friday Fund

Let Me Count the Reasons

Baking by Myself

At least someone appreciates my food!

Toy Day

My face is my child’s favorite toy.

Just a few more minutes…
Not too shabby, eh?

However, I’m still not a title person. Titles matter. Therefore, I still defer to the people in my life who are more capable at title-writing than I am! (It’s good to know and admit to your weaknesses, right?!!?)


9 thoughts on “ My Title-Writing Weaknesses

  1. I enjoyed reading through this list. As I was going through I was remembering this story and that story. What a great way to capture your titles and look back at the month.

  2. It is good to admit but I don’t know, I think your collection here does reason against it still be a weakness. I love that looking at them is enough to take you right back to the slice. Maybe Ari was the missing piece of that inspiration in you? Your slices are richer with two demanding your attention 😉

  3. I stink at titles, too. Especially because I feel like I have to write them first, but then maybe my slice doesn’t fit it exactly. I think your titles are good descriptors of your writing!

    1. I always put a working title in as a placeholder, but then I revise it (and revise it and revise it) as I go. I’m rarely happy with the final title, but it’s always better after some revision.

  4. The title is SO important. How do you catch a reader? With the advertising of your post, the title can reel in a reader or let them drift on by.
    With so many posts to choose from in this challenge, it’s like creating Superbowl commercials for every post. I’m never sure I’m going to get any readers. There’s some real pressure there!
    With your impressive list above, you win, conquering title game.

  5. You always make me laugh when you declare this in a hangout! “No, you know I can’t come up with a title.” It is often your thoughts or ideas that lead to a title’s initial inspiration and that is sometimes more important than how the words land at the top of a piece, blog series, or book. Weakness? Maybe. Do titles matter? Sure. However, I think the thought and time put into what comes after the title is maybe a little more important and I think you have that part nailed.
    I did like your entire list of titles however. 🙂

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