We have an eater!

We fed Ari oatmeal a little after he turned four months old. He was unimpressed. He didn’t even know what to do with the oatmeal when it was in his mouth.

We tried again — with oatmeal — a couple weeks later. Still no success.

Two more weeks passed and we gave puréed avocado to our five-month-old boy. He spit it out — again.

But Isabelle loved avocado. And she devoured food at four months. How can Ari dislike eating? I wondered. 

Different kids. Stop comparing them, I reminded myself.
We waited another week. More avocado went in… and got spit out.

Maybe we should try a different food.

Marc suggested carrots. Rather than roast and purée a batch of carrots, I took the easy route and bought jars of Earth’s Best carrots.

Tonight we tried the carrots. And, by golly, he liked them!

Ari liked the carrots so much that he grabbed the spoon every time it approached his mouth!

20 thoughts on “We have an eater!

  1. Oh, your post made me miss those days of babyhood! It’s so true that our own kids can be so different from one another. My second is nothing like my first. Keeps us on our toes as parents!

  2. You’re so right, don’t compare! The grand-girls are as different as can be. And so were my kids. Love that he loved the carrots, ew! Not my favorite! You have taken me back about that first bite, though. Those babies don’t know what to do with that “stuff” you’ve put into their mouths.

  3. Comparing is what we do sometimes without even realizing it. There are so many elements involved in tolerating some foods: preparation, texture, visual appeal, taste. Me, I’ll EAT just about anything.

  4. Congrats! I spent months pureeing my own baby food, and turns out my daughter would much prefer to have a the store bought variety. Lesson learned. I hope the next attempt is a success too!

  5. Oh man! My little one is only one more th and I’m already trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to avoid the sibling comparisons! I like your use of italics as your thinking here.

  6. My children loved all the roasted and pureed veggies I made them. Now, not so much! I’m glad you found something he likes.

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