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Words That Rhyme

IMG_7427We read lots of books that rhyme, but untilย very recently, Isabelle hasn’t been able to form rhymes of her own. In the past two weeks, Isabelle has been making connections between words that rhyme. It’s usually one or two pairs of words per day. I love hearing her rhymes when they happen. Well, most of the time.

Today things got silly.

We were practicing articulation after school. She came up with two words — phone and bone — that rhymed. I was delighted. Perhaps too delighted. After making two more rhymes with her practice words her rhyming ability went off the rails. She began making up nonsense words to make them rhyme. While initially cute, it turned our no-more-than-15-minute practice session into a half hour. (Like most kids, she doesn’t want to sit down to practice her speech after school. Hence the reason I promise a short, intense session.)

After about five minutes, I started recording. (I couldn’t resist.)

Robe and bobe?ย Robot? Rowboat? Oh my!

We’ll keep working on rhyming.


12 thoughts on “Words That Rhyme

  1. Hi Stacey! I like how you included the sound clips of the both of you rhyming! That’s great that she had so much fun rhyming with you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Claire figured them out about a month ago and we have similar conversations all the time. She thinks it is hilarious and feels so clever for finding rhymes in our stories. She’ll say, “Hey, that’s a rhyme! Is it?” I love watching my children discover words and find joy in them. Spencer is working B, P, and M words in his speech therapy. I laugh every time he reaches up to pinch his lips together to remind himself how to make those sounds. Speech therapy with both of my children had taught me so much. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Enjoy the silliness but there might be a purpose here we don’t naturally think of. Our current word study program in my district and a standardized assessment our K and 1 teachers have to administer has a nonsense word section. While I don’t necessarily agree or understand completely I believe the thinking is nonsense words show application of manipulating sounds. Hopefully the students recognize they aren’t real words hence the giggles and we all need giggles. Just some food for thought.

  4. Cute- and also exciting. How far Isabelle has come. We don’t start playing with language until we have a certain level of mastery… she’s growing so much.

  5. The grand-girls make up silly non-sense rhymes all the time, so watch out, Stacey. You’ll be hearing some interesting words from now on! Very fun to hear about Isabelle’s rhyming.

  6. With the way new words are constantly added to the dictionary who’s to say that Isabelle’s rhyming words just might be considered actual words one day. ๐Ÿ™‚

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