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Laughable Legs

I’ve shown Isabelle ultrasound pictures from my 12-week and 16-week scans. She’s been less than impressed when looking at the images of her future brother since she has a hard time conceptualizing how the outline on the screen can actually be a person. Even though she knows a baby starts out as small as a poppy seed and grows into something the size of a watermelon, she doesn’t truly understand how much time it takes for a baby to develop.

I had an anatomy scan of the baby yesterday since I’m almost 20 weeks into my pregnancy. As usual, the Maternal Fetal Medicine Department sent me home with a “parting gift” (i.e., a CD-ROM of pictures and videos). I was hesitant about showing the pictures and videos to Isabelle since I know she hasn’t thought much of the previous scans. In fact, I wasn’t even going to do it. But then she snuggled up on my lap before she left for school this morning. While she was there, asking where the baby was (Even though she knows he’s in my belly, not my armpit!) I found myself telling her where the baby’s head, torso, and legs were.

“How do you know?” she asked.

“Because I had an ultrasound yesterday. Someone took pictures and videos of the baby so I know exactly where he is. Do you want to see?”


I started with the videos since they capture her baby brother opening and closing his mouth. However, each of the videos was two to three seconds long so she wasn’t disappointed she didn’t see that much. (I couldn’t blame her.)

Next, I showed her his profile.


I pointed out his nose, his mouth, etc. She was unimpressed.

I thought the image of his feet next to one another would excite her.


I was wrong. She didn’t seem to care that he had ten toesies. (I sure did!)

I didn’t think anything would excite her as I flipped through the images, but I was wrong. THIS photo made her burst out laughing:


I have no idea what it was about seeing his leg that made her laugh so hard, but she did. And not for just a second. She chuckled for a good 30 seconds!

“Why is that so funny?” I inquired.

“He’s got a leg!” she giggled.

Yes, he does. And thankfully, he has two of them.

Maybe I’ll take her along with me for my 32-week ultrasound. That’s when the techs can get a good 3D image. We’ll see if that impresses her. (Hopefully, the 3D images won’t creep her out like it did to me when I was pregnant with Isabelle nearly six years ago.)



31 thoughts on “Laughable Legs

  1. Science is so amazing to be able to have these pictures! Wonder what Isabelle’s reaction will be when the baby kicks and you can see/feel it. Glad it’s going well for you.

  2. Oh these images are so amazing Stacey! And like Isabelle, I got excited about the leg photos- I think because I could clearly identify them as legs! Hope all is continuing to go well.

  3. Love seeing these pictures, Stacey! His little face! 🙂

    Who knows what struck Isabelle as so funny?! Kids laugh at the silliest things.

    BTW, the 3D ultrasound crept me out as well!

  4. What a great learning experience for Isabelle. I bet she remembers all of this, even if she seems unimpressed at times. The photos are great and glad you are doing well.

  5. Sweet little legs! It’s so funny that the legs really tickled Isabelle’s funny bone. This is such a precious slice. I hope she is more impressed by the 3-D imaging.

  6. I wonder what children, like Isabelle, really think when they see the pics. Like, do you think they wonder that all the parts are separate, & just hook up at the end? Who knows? I love seeing them, Stacey. Time is going so fast!

    1. No kidding, Linda! I had a painter out here this morning giving me estimates since Isabelle has elected to move to our spare bedroom so that the baby can have her room. (Hence, there’s a lavender room on the horizon.)

  7. I love how it was the cuddling that set the stage for her seeing the images. There’s something so important about those moments regardless of the wow factor. I would love to hear the conversation that happens one fine day between the siblings when Isabella tells her brother all about the morning she first saw his left foot. These are the important moments. Treasure each as I am sure you do.

    1. I can only imagine the conversations she and her brother will have.

      I’m trying to treasure this time. I got sulky the other night since I realized that this past Sunday was my last Mother’s Day with just one child. I’m BEYOND thrilled that we’re having a second, but things will be different next year. As I held Isabelle’s hand when we were at the local botanical garden, my eyes welled up with tears knowing that she won’t be my one and only next year.

  8. Your post today reminded me of a research group of seven year olds I had once who wanted to learn about where babies came from. Their teachers panicked a bit, but I was cool with it. I think what they really wanted to learn was how the babies developed while in the womb. The illustrations they created their accompany their presentation were naive and knowledgeable at the same time. Their peers were fascinated. One dad, a single parent, made a point of coming in to thank me for doing it.

    1. Speaking of where babies come from… have you read The Baby Tree by Sophie Blackall? It has a wonderful explanation to help young children understand where babies come from.

  9. I love how she is part of the process and you are capturing it through your slices. I cannot wait to meet Isabelle – the big sister!!! So many slices to come…. So happy for you!!

  10. Stacey, somehow I’ve missed this announcement. Congrats! I’m sure Isabelle will be a wonderful big sister. And going from one to two was a much easier adjustment for me (than going from none to one). I’m glad our numbers have grown, but sad that I don’t get around to reading every one’s slices any more.

    1. I grapple with this too. I used to be able to get around to everyone in a given week (when it was 2008), but things have grown nicely since then. That being said, don’t sweat missing the announcement. I only made it two or three weeks ago.

  11. What fun! The leg is pretty hysterical, when you think about it! I love that you got a CD ROM — I’m jealous now! We just got a few printed pictures! My favorite part of the fancy ultrasound was seeing the 4 chambers of baby’s heart beating… such a miracle… I wish we could have had a video of that! (P.S. Congrats!!!!!!)

    1. The digital images on the CD are great. Though printed pics are better than nothing. Back in the 70’s, when I was born, my mom said that ultrasounds were only given to women who were having major problems during pregnancy. It is nice that we get to have a peek at what’s happening, isn’t it?

  12. Oh Congrats Stacey! I have been away and didn’t know the great news. Your daughter is so funny, her responses don’t surprise me! Best wishes!

  13. The advancements in imaging is so amazing. That a leg looks like a leg! Such fun and anticipation.

  14. That girl cracks me up! Love that about her — a leg made her laugh! Oh, to know what she’s really thinking about all this! Keep capturing these moments! They truly are priceless! And keep taking care of you too!!!!

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