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Another Run-In with a Homonymn

My husband is home (WHEW!), but he’s working this morning.  Therefore, my Sunday looks a lot different than usual.  Instead of sleeping-in and working on my book, I found myself preparing breakfast for Isabelle.  Here’s a snippet of our breakfast preparation conversation:

Between this conversation and the "from scratch" debacle the other day, I'm wondering what other words are confusing Isabelle that she doesn't talk about.  English is such a hard language to master, isn't it?
Between this conversation and the “from scratch” debacle the other day, I’m wondering what other words are confusing Isabelle that she doesn’t talk about. English is such a hard language to master, isn’t it?

I’m happy to report she was pleased with the papaya and forgot all about the watermelon!  (BTW: Click here in case you’re wondering what the “Watermelon Man” song reference was about.)  But, when she didn’t want to eat any more pineapple, this happened:


Head over to  for more slices of life.
Head over to for more slices of life.

8 thoughts on “Another Run-In with a Homonymn

  1. I love reading about you and Isabelle and her growth. You make me think, remember and wonder. Once when my son was near her age, maybe a tad younger, my husband flew to Miami for a conference. Andrew and I took him to the airport. When we returned home I took out an atlas (being the good teacher-mom that I am ) and said, I want to show you a map of Florida so we can see where Daddy has gone. I pointed to Miami and said, “Daddy is going to Miami.” Andrew immediately said, “No he isn’t’.” I replied, “Yes, he got on the airplane and flew to Florida and now he is in Miami.” “No he did not go to Miami,” said Andrew.Well this went on for a while. I stayed patient and curious. (I had recently read Glenda Bissex’s Genius at Work.) Finally Andrew said, “Dad went to his ami! !”. So pronoun’s can be confusing, too, from a child’s viewpoint. They are always listening, sometimes sorting and comparing but learning. I love “watching” Isabelle from a far. We call her strength of will: determination, perseverance, tenacity. The flip side might be considered flaunting of rules, but…..she is a girl of strong ideas! It is a pleasure to be an observer to your parenting and guidance.

  2. Season passes;
    tickets to spring.

    I’ve stuffed this conversation
    into my back pocket for later,
    a collection of seeds to be planted
    and nurtured when the ground become more fertile
    for stories.

    The silent page echoing
    with the voice
    of questioning.

    -Kevin, lifting lines (from your daughter) to make poems as comments

  3. Love it! Four is so fun! real conversations are happening all of the time at our house too. I must say her speech is really good. 🙂 My daughter’s tummy talks in a low, growly sort of voice and says things like “I’m hun-gy!” (She leaves r out of the middle.) or “I not hun-gy anymore!”

    Speech therapy (for both kids) has taught me so much about language and how to develops. English really is quite complicated!

  4. I so enjoyed your daughter’s stream-of-consciousness talk! In-season fruits to season passes–it’s amazing we have the capacity to understand it all, isn’t it? And so much fun to watch her learn.

  5. Great job belly! We cheer on our bellies too! The English Language is so confusing at times! My husband is teaching ESL classes, and often ponders how anyone becomes fluent in English. Love this post. Thanks for sharing your daughter’s story.

  6. The belly knows. Maybe I should listen more to mine and stop feeding more than it wants or needs.:-)
    I love Isabelle’s conversation with her belly.

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