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Finding My Happy

I came home from synagogue in a surly mood this afternoon.  It goes beyond Isabelle not participating in the Mini Congregation service (which I blogged about earlier this month).  I’m tired because my husband has been in Chicago since Thursday morning.  It partially has to do with being tired.  I’m tired exhausted from spending hours at the computer revising a manuscript. But what I’m really tired of is Isabelle’s demeanor towards people at synagogue.  We’re in one of those vicious cycles of her refusing to be pleasant towards people who directly address her.  But instead of writing a surly slice of life about my daughter’s behavior, I decided to find my happy thanks to a blog post I just read over at Kim Koehler’s blog, Live, Love, Teach.

When I make it to main service by Ein Keloheinu, even if my child wiggles in the seat next to me, I’ve found my happy.

When I find food I can eat during the Kiddush, like noodles marked “gluten free,” I’ve found my happy.

When I catch up with friends as my daughter runs around the synagogue, also known as “getting exercise,” I’ve found my happy.

When I think of how Isabelle made it through Passover last year, without consuming any chametz, I’ve found my happy.

When Isabelle tells me we cover our eyes for the Sh’ma, which she’s learned in Mini Congregation, I’ve found my happy.

When I overhear Isabelle sing the songs she refuses to sing at synagogue, in the quiet of her room, I’ve found my happy.

When my child takes an afternoon nap, after DAYS of not napping, so I can have some peace and quiet, I’ve found my happy.

Thanks for the inspiration, Kim.  I’m not surly anymore.  By turning around the morning’s evenings and thinking about the positive, you helped me find my happy.

Head over to  for more slices of life.
Head over to for more slices of life.

18 thoughts on “Finding My Happy

  1. Finding happy can be tricky business for sure. I am so glad that I was able to provide even the tiniest of inspiration on this day. I can imagine the happy in that little girl singing.

  2. Isn’t it amazing how inspiration wraps around us. You have provided many of us with inspirational moments. Moments that helps us get through a tough day. You have helped us find and use our voice. Thank you for letting us get a glimpse of how a moment of inspiration brought you your “happy”.

  3. I’ve been away from home since Monday, so I know Manuel will be happy for me to be back home. I can’t wait to read that manuscript you have been working so hard revising! I am glad that you were able to shift your mood by focusing on what makes you happy!

    1. Since you mentioned it… I could use another set of eyes on it. I am submitting it for an agent critique at an upcoming SCBWI conference and it is due on Tues., 3/31. If you have any time (it is a picture book manuscript), then please lmk. Thanks Amanda.

  4. Always great to look for the small things that mean “happy”, even if the others are still lurking. Isabelle is growing up into her own person, isn’t she?

  5. Beautiful slice! It makes me think our happy is always there, we sometimes just have to look a little harder. It’s important to acknowledge the happy!! Too easy to get consumed by the other stuff. Glad you found your happy!

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