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Stew’s Shows

I created this image with the Percolator App.
Isabelle watches the show while my mother-in-law, husband, and father-in-law watch her. (I created this image with the Percolator App.)

The five of us drove to Stew Leonard’s to buy dinner. But we didn’t just got there for dinner. We shopped there because Isabelle loves that store… it’s one of the highlights of visiting “Grandma and Papa’s house.”  The things that make Stew Leonard’s a unique food shopping experience can be boiled-down to:

1) The food samples (of which there were none this evening since we got there too late).
2) The “shows.”
The “shows” have been happening at Stew Leonard’s for years, but I only noticed them in the past year.  Perhaps that’s because I was more interested in just getting my food shopping done in the past.  But not Isabelle.  She doesn’t care how long grocery shopping takes, especially when there are talking parrots and singing bananas performing for her.
Every few minutes the shows restart.  They play the same songs over and over (on something like a five minute loop).  Tonight, we found ourselves prolonging our shopping trip so Isabelle could watch the show in the singing dairy products.  Seriously, we waited around as the clock ticked back from three minutes until the next show of singing butter, dancing lemonade, and a skim milk guitar player were ready to start singing a version of “Old MacDonald.”
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9 thoughts on “Stew’s Shows

  1. Oh how fun is that?! I remember loving trips to the grocery store too as a kids, but we didn’t have shows in our Publix. What luxury to take time and enjoy the shopping– even if it’s a little longer.

  2. Stacey, it was so much fun seeing your daughter in a photo after reading so many slices about her. I can understand why she enjoys shopping at Stew Leonards. When we go visit my sister in Syracuse, my husband likes to stop at Stew Leonards but I have never seen a show. I think I will try the app your used. Thanks.

  3. That sounds really cool. We watched bagpipes at the grocery store last week on St. Paddy’s Day. They were every 10 minutes and my 3-year-old thought it was his own little parade. It made the trip last way longer than necessary but it was so very pleasant. Kids are so goofy like this, aren’t they? Isabelle looks so big in that cart! Love the cool app. I’ll have to check that out.

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