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Eye Cream 

The base of the eye cream pyramid.
 Apparently she’s been studying the beauty products I use.  I had no idea she was observing my beauty regimen so closely until today when I was standing in the Kiehl’s store buying some toner.  I was paying for purchase as she was exploring the store.  Suddenly a head of curls appeared at my waist. 

“Here Mommy!” she thrusted a small jar towards me.
“What’s that?”
“Yaw eye cweam!”
I smiled. “Yes, that is the eye cream I use.  How did you know that?”
“Take it,” she said.  
“It belongs to the store. I don’t need to buy any today.”
“But it’s yaw eye cweam!” she insisted.
Apparently, she didn’t understand the connection between the mysterious product she sees in my drawer and what was in the store.  After a few more go-rounds about why the cream was going to remain in the store she put it back on the shelf.  And then she began building a pyramid of eye creams — the one I used in my 20’s, the one I use in my 30’s and the one I’ll probably start using once I turn 40. 
I just stood back and smiled.  I find it fascinating Isabelle knows exactly what kind of eye cream I use even though I only put it on at night.  It doesn’t even sit out in the bathroom where she’d see it.  It’s in the top drawer of our master bathroom.  BUT, that drawer is verboten as far as Isabelle is concerned.  It even has a child lock on it. Isabelle looks inside that drawer whenever it’s opened.  She’s fascinated by the contents of that drawer, which range from tweezers to dental floss to blemish sticks to hydrocortisone cream.  Exciting stuff, right?

13 thoughts on “Eye Cream 

  1. Love Isabelle’s dialogue in this Slice, Stacey! I can just hear her in my head! She’s an observant little bugger… I have a feeling you’re not getting much past her!

  2. Oh, she’s paying close attention when that drawer is opened. This line took me back 20+ years, “Suddenly a head of curls appeared at my waist.”

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