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The Birthday Girl Sleeps


Warm Snuggly

Resting Breathing Sleeping

Sweet First Birthday Girl 




23 thoughts on “The Birthday Girl Sleeps

  1. Lovely poem, Stacey. My nephew and his wife just celebrated the birth of their first child, a boy, last Monday. Might just have to write something for him for his christening.

  2. Such a simple and beautiful poem, and I wonder how long it took you to choose just the right words. Sometimes I think it is harder to get something so short and structured just right.

  3. Tell me about this app again! I love the images it produces. What a sweet picture of you cuddling your niece.

  4. I love the photo you shared – aside from it being safer, as you mentioned, I also think it is a beautiful image in general. Enjoy this time with your niece.

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