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100 Things for Which I Am Grateful

I’ve been engaging in 30 Days of Thanks this month, like I do every November.  However, I wanted to push myself to go deeper when it comes to being thankful.  Therefore, I pushed myself to jump on the “100 Things for Which I Am Grateful” Bandwagon like fellow Slicers, Jaana and K. Ranae P., have done.

Image retrieved from on 11/16/14.
Image retrieved from on 11/16/14.

Some of the items on  my list are trivial (e.g., mineral-based makeup) and some are quite large (voting rights). Regardless, these are the 100 things I am thankful for right now:

  1. Growing up in a home with parents who cared for me. (And related: Would still do anything for me.)
  2. My loving husband, Marc, who is patient and kind.
  3. Isabelle, my daughter, who is a blessing.
  4. Linda & Carl, my in-laws, who love me like a daughter.
  5. Living in a country where I can freely practice my religion
  6. Our house
  7. My second book contract with Stenhouse
  8. Heat
  9. Electricity
  10. Wireless internet
  11. Hot chocolate
  12. Wegmans
  13. Anna, Beth, Betsy, Dana, and Tara (my TWT co-authors)
  14. Murray’s bagels
  15. The Food Network
  16. Casey, my niece
  17. Magnolia cupcakes
  18. My elliptical rider
  19. iPhone
  20. iPad
  21. Tang’s Garden (especially their Kung Pao Chicken!) on 3rd Avenue
  22. “The Newsroom”
  23. Tableside guacamole
  24. Words with Friends
  25. HGTV
  26. A full pantry, fridge, and freezer
  27. My cousin Scott who always makes me laugh!
  28. The consulting work I have
  29. My daughter’s speech, OT, and music therapists who care about her success as much as I do.
  30. Tulips
  31. Hydrangeas
  32. My herb garden
  33. My incredible next-door neighbors
  34. DonorsChoose
  35. Cars that run well
  36. My oh-so-comfortable bed
  37. My extended family
  38. My grandparents
  39. Giving tzedakah
  40. Blogging
  41. The sunroof in my car
  42. Naot shoes
  43. Conferences I attend from NCTE, SCBWI, and TCRWP
  44. The Highlights Foundation
  45. Massages
  46. Good dental health
  47. Ogunquit
  48. Lynne & Rose
  49. Manicures and pedicures
  50. HVAC
  51. My former students who taught me how to be a better teacher.
  52. Google
  53. Having health, dental, and vision insurance
  54. Smartwool socks
  55. Brunch
  56. Hacosa woolies
  57. My synagogue
  58. Excedrin Migraine
  59. Rollerball pens
  60. The Maccbeats
  61. Farm-fresh strawberries
  62. The Slice of Life Community
  63. Tazo Awake Tea
  64. Knishes
  65. Manhattan
  66. Art museums
  67. Hersheypark
  68. Sunset
  69. Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter
  70. Dishwasher
  71. My Klean Kanteen, which saves LOTS of plastic bottles annually.
  72. “Seinfeld”
  73. David Hammer
  74. Our comfy couch
  75. The new space heater in our bathroom
  76. Thanksgiving
  77. Mineral-based makeup
  78. My college and grad school friends
  79. My cast iron skillet
  80. Thought-provoking blog comments
  81. Eating dinners out
  82. My education (Kindergarten – grad school)
  83. Mornings I can sleep in
  84. My Allegro 2 Reformer/Tower
  85. My daughter’s preschool teachers
  86. Indoor plumbing
  87. Having voting rights
  88. Free shipping
  89. Devon
  90. Contact lenses
  91. The New York Times (even if I don’t like their coverage of Israel)
  92. “CBS This Morning”
  93. Good lighting
  94. Gas fireplaces
  95. Having lived in DC and NYC
  96. Chocolate
  97. Ice cream
  98. Beautiful notebooks
  99. Books
  100. Clean drinking water
Head over to on Tuesday for more slices of life.
Head over to on Tuesday for more slices of life.

13 thoughts on “100 Things for Which I Am Grateful

  1. I love this list, Stacey. I love the mixture of big and small things. And, I love that I’m on it. 🙂 I’m thankful for this group and the TWT co-authors, too. Very thankful.

  2. I love these lists. Each time I read a list I notice what I have in common with the writer, discover differences and most of all realize that I could have added much more than 100 things on the list. Your list made me smile.

  3. Thank you for sharing. It shows so much about a person and helps the reader see things about themselves. I’m including this as an option for my kiddos tomorrow in workshop. And I’m going to do it too!

  4. Love your list. I’m jealous at “clean drinking water”. I wish I had written that down too. And the highest of fives for ‘voting rights’.

    I’m so glad you were able to make this list happen!

  5. I am thankful for you and all that it takes to keep to keep Two Writing Teachers going and organized. This is an amazing place…a very healthy place to renew our energy as educators. Today I am going to start my list. Happy Thanksgiving to you and those precious people in your life. PS Sorry for this comment so late in the week…I was asked to do some writing with people in our district. I am so happy to be blogging and commenting again. xo

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