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Plan B

Plan A: Isabelle stayed in bed and called me calmly this morning, which we’ve been working on, one minute prior to her alarm clock turning green.  Therefore, the plan was to take her out for lunch, so long as she did her work, was polite to other people (i.e., said hello to the office staff who are beyond kind to her), and listened, once she finished OT and speech.

I rarely text my husband during the day.  When I do, he knows something is up.  As you can see from his thoughtful response, he tried to be as supportive as possible even though it was from a distance.
I rarely text my husband during the day. When I do, he knows something is up. As you can see from his thoughtful response, he tried to be as supportive as possible even though it was from a distance.

BUT, that didn’t happen since she ran around the therapy services office and nearly collided with someone in a wheelchair (after I just asked her to use walking feet and stay with me — like I do every time we go there — today).  Therefore, she lost the “going out to lunch privilege,” which pained me since she worked so hard during both of her therapy sessions.  I felt so badly about having to take away a fun lunch out since she worked so hard during both of her sessions.

Plan B:  Being consistent is hard, but sometimes you just have to stick with something.  And that’s what I did.  After I reiterated how proud I was of her for working well today, I drove her past the roller coasters at Hersheypark (which aren’t running since the park is closed), filled up with gasoline, and went home.  I felt terrible for having to “punish” her, but Isabelle knows that if she doesn’t do her work or misbehaves when she goes to therapy, then she doesn’t get to do “something fun” afterwards.  (And I love doing something fun with her.)  So, I made a little fun happen at home.

Here’s a digital look at how we spent some quality time together this afternoon.  We had a good time.  It was less expensive than going out to Panera and quite frankly, I think she enjoyed it more than going out for lunch.  (Though I can’t be sure of how she felt, I know I had a good time.)

Head over to on Tuesday for more slices of life.
Head over to on Tuesday for more slices of life.

15 thoughts on “Plan B

  1. Love the digital storytelling –some day you will miss the early wake up call. Mine slept until 11 today and then had tons of homework! Treasure the moments — even the hard ones. Glad the day turned out well in the end!

  2. The digital storytelling is fantastic! Thank you for sharing.

    Consistency is so important in everything we do–parenting, exercise, teaching, etc… BUT some days, I want to bury my head in a book and ignore my kids, snooze the alarm and skip my run, or teach a lesson without much thought or prep. So instead of taking the easy way out, I make eye contact with my kids as they tell a detailed story about their day, run a bit faster, and try to plan an inspired lesson!

  3. It does look like you had a wonderful afternoon. Persevere. Life has consequences and knowing this early is going to help her be wonderfully adjusted and able to face adversity and negotiate positive outcomes for herself. Kudos from one firm for their own good, follow through on our word parent to another.

  4. They always test you just to make sure you mean what you say. The tests just get harder as they get older. Hopefully she will accept you always follow through, therefore she can quit testing. It does break your heart when they come so close. Loved the digital story, one day I may try it too.

  5. Good for you Stacey staying strong. Being consistent is so hard especially when you want to reward. But honestly I think it’s harder on parents than it is on them.

    Loved her singing and swinging. Thanks for a peak at your world.

  6. May need to try steller. Cecily just watched the story with me. You’re inspiring me… Oh, and parenting? Really, really hard. And there are decisions that you have to make that are excruciating because they aren’t the ones you want to make. Yep, can definitely relate!

  7. Yep, it’s exhausting and you feel like a meany and you just really want to give in and make it all fun but………. when she is 20 years old and working at the food store part time to get money to go through school she will say something like..”Mum, I am so glad you didn’t let us get away with stuff when we were little, I used to not like it then but I am sure glad now. Thank you.” Yep, its exhausting and worth it. You are doing an amazing job Stacey, she is so lucky to have a mummy who cares so much. Good on you!!!!!! Lots of exclamation marks ’cause I really mean it!!!

  8. Loved seeing the pictures and hearing the songs, Stacey. It probably was more fun, & sticking to it is good, but still hard. Your weather looks good compared to our very cold day yesterday, & now today. It’s nice you went outside!

  9. Very cool, Stacey! I didn’t know you could put videos in Steller, too. My family would be thankful that I didn’t know… I would have been taking videos during all of Apple Day.

    Being consistent is SO hard. Sometimes, my heart is breaking while I’m standing firm. Looks like Isabelle had a really fun afternoon anyway.

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