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First Writer’s Notebook (of sorts)

I made note of the fact we were sitting in her classroom chairs. (When she heard we were going to her classroom without her this evening she was less than pleased.)

My husband and I attended our daughter’s first Open School Night. We got there early. Yes, early. Why? It’s mostly because we heard parking would be tight. But truth be told, I was really excited to be on the other side of a back-to-school evening since I’ve always been on the teacher-side of things.

We got to taste the zucchini muffins and homemade butter the children made this morning. Her teachers had a slide show of photos from the first month of school, which gave me a better idea of how engaged she’s been.  We read through past stuffed animal weekend class journals.  But, for me, the most exciting part of the evening was getting to see my daughter’s blank writing journal!

I believe her teacher put the journals out in the past day or two since they caught my eye when I dropped her off at school this morning. Isabelle’s portfolio was blank, therefore we wrote the first entry, which was encouraged by her teachers.

Marc and I sat down next to each other, folded back the purple construction paper cover, and thought about what we wanted to write. I knew I would need to supplement with pictures. (Art is not my strong suit, as evidenced by the lack of a cow utter on the cow in the photograph above.) I tried not to agonize about it too much since it is, after all, her very first place for drawing pictures (her teachers will scribe her stories).  In the end, we filled the page of her journal. I wonder what she will think what he sees it tomorrow morning.



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