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Twelve Minutes

I’ve been tinkering with some digital storytelling tools.  Here’s a link to a slice of life story I created with pictures and text using the Steller app on my iPhone.  It’s a pretty mundane slice of life made more interesting thanks to the sleekness of this app.  Click on the link below and then feel free to tell me what you think.


Check out my Steller story:

NOTE: I noticed a typo on slide 10. I left a comment with the edit since I couldn’t figure out how to edit the story once it was online. Ah, the importance of editing before one hits publish!

Head over to on Tuesday for more slices of life.
Head over to on Tuesday for more slices of life.

17 thoughts on “Twelve Minutes

  1. LOVE it, Stacey. You are right, the pictures and the book-like appearance totally added to this Slice and seemed to make it a bit more interesting. I felt like I was there with you, waiting for the pizza and playing games! I don’t know if I would have gotten that same feeling of the minutes ticking by without the pictures and the “page turning”. Very cool. Will definitely try it.

  2. Love this! Very cool app and a wonderful moment from daily life. I’m glad you took time to document it. I’m sure you’ll look back years from now and giggle about supermarket pizza and hand games 🙂

  3. I love this slice and the format. It was fun to flip the pages like a book. My favorite picture was seeing the back of Isabelle’s head/curly hair, leaning to watch the pizza. I laughed with the last page.

  4. Thanks for sharing the app, Stacey, very fun to see the story as well as read it. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought food out for my kids, or the grandkids, & they don’t eat much. I’m determined not to make anyone clean their plates, but still… Guess we all go through it.

  5. Love this story. I could smell the pizza. I have been exploring new apps with my students. Is this one available on computer, too?

  6. This looks like a fun app, I may have to try it out one day. So did you have this in mind when you took the pictures? It truly is a simple slice of life. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  7. Cute! Looks like a neat tool! I loved the succession of pictures that showed how you passed the time as you were waiting — really fun way for us to peek into your life!

  8. Two bites left. Happens. The waiting wasn’t for nothing, it seems that two of you filled the time well. I like the new tool. Now I need to try it.

  9. Love the story! The format definitely adds to the story (and what a great story). And, oh, how I remember those days of preschool eaters. It gave me a little chuckle at the end. 🙂

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