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Big Teddy’s Adventure

I dropped Isabelle off at preschool on Friday morning along with my mother-in-law.

“You take eye-oh-leht,” Isabelle commanded.

“Violet?” I asked.

“Yes, take her,” Isabelle clarified.

Violet is a talking purple puppy. She’s not exactly the kind of stuffed animal someone in their late 30’s wants to be caught with while they’re attending a conference for a weekend.

How about I take Big Teddy again?” I asked.

“No, eye-oh-leht,” Isabelle said.

“But Big Teddy wants to go again.”  Did I just say that?  I can’t believe I’m bargaining to take a different stuffed animal, I told myself.  That’s because I want something less obtrusive.

“Okay, you take Big Teddy,” Isabelle replied.


* * * * *

The wifi wasn’t working well when I arrived at the Highlights Foundation on Friday.  I worked for awhile, but then decided to take Big Teddy out on the adventure I knew Isabelle wanted him to have.  I created a digital story for her using Storyrobe and hoped it would be received more favorably than the still picture collage I sent six weeks ago.  Here’s what I sent home via e-mail:

My mother-in-law e-mailed me back to inform me that Isabelle watched the video three times.  My heart soared! The fact that she watched it again (and again) made it worth the hour I spent shooting the video, writing the story, and piecing it together with Storyrobe.


15 thoughts on “Big Teddy’s Adventure

  1. What a great adventure. Isabelle will love this. I love it too. I have been working on telling oral stories with my class about different things that happen in the classroom. I would love to turn one of our stories into a video like you did here! Great idea.

  2. I think this is a brilliant mesh of storytelling and technology! My little 21 month old granddaughter loves to see pictures of herself. I am constantly encourage telling a “small moment story” about the picture. Could we take a string of pictures we’ve taken, like yesterday’s batch from the pumpkin patch, and string them together using Storyrobe? Is it user- friendly for an older, less tech- savvy person (me)?thanks for sharing this!!

  3. This is so cute, Stacey. I can see why Isabelle watched it so many times! I, myself, was wondering what Teddy would get in to next! Such a great use of the app! I have lots of possibilities running through my head already for how I might use it! Thanks for always sharing your discoveries with us! I hope you get lots of writing done this weekend!

  4. You are too good! I love this… Great to write a post for parents about how you did this and why this is important for literacy. We know the dispositions and essentials of literacy you were teaching, but many parents may not. So powerful!! Thanks for sharing.
    Clare and Tammy

  5. Ohhh! You’re back at Highlights! What a beautiful time to be there. I hope that you are having a wonderful time and that Teddy is able to continue with all sorts of adventures. Loved following him around, but also loved imagining you walking around with him and putting him in various places. You’re a good mom!!!

    1. Thanks for that. I kind of felt like a lunatic walking around with a teddy bear that I was photographing (and throwing to the ground). I told anyone who saw me what I was doing so they didn’t think I was out of my mind!

      And it WAS a great time of year to be there. It’s a writer’s paradise!

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