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Puppy Wash

I Puppy was excited about his day in Kindergarten.

I was an early adopter of carrying a bottle of Purell in my purse. It was 1997, and I was commuting around Manhattan on mass transit for a summer internship. At the time, my father thought I was a germaphobe (though there was no name for it). I defended myself by saying (something like), “Do you ever wonder how many people touched the handlebar on the bus before you?”

Given this information, it shouldn’t surprise you that I directed Ari to “Choose a stuffy who can go into the washing machine” when I learned his school was hosting a bring-a-stuff-and-wear-pajamas-to-school day.

Many of Ari’s favorite stuffies are only able to be spot cleaned. I don’t know what would happen if I threw them in the wash, nor do I want to find out. Instead, he’d need to select a safe puppy to go in the washer.

Ari selected A Puppy. I asked him to reconsider and take I Puppy, who had to stand in for A Puppy long ago when we accidentally left A Puppy (formerly known as Muttsy) at my in-laws’ house. Ari agreed to take I Puppy to school because he’d get a puppy wash when he arrived home.

I Puppy had a great day at school, though he complained of not doing much. Not knowing if that meant he sat on a desk or in Ari’s cubby all day, Ari and I marched I Puppy up to the laundry room after he returned from school. Ari placed him in a mesh bag. We grabbed Patchy for good measure, and the two went in for a bath.

Ari slipped I Puppy into a mesh bag for safety.

I headed upstairs a few minutes ago to remove them from their mesh bags and put them in the dryer. I hope they’ll be ready to reassume their posts on Ari’s bed in a couple of hours.

Selfie with Patchy and I Puppy before their dry cycle.
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11 thoughts on “Puppy Wash

  1. I love the photos, especially the one at the end showing the relief- they made it! And yes, I have been putting ALL stuffies and dolls in the wash (should I get a mesh bag??) because I just can’t stand thinking about all of the germs!

  2. I like how you started your slice first in the 90s, when you were using Purell. It shows how this stance informs the rules of your family. So glad Ari’s friend enjoyed their adventure at school and then through the washer and dryer. Thanks for adding photos!

  3. I’m sure they made it through the dry cycle and Ari was happy to welcome them back into the fold, clean and germ-free. Ari has a very distinct voice in all that you write about him.

  4. I have never met a stuffy who did not survive the washing machine; but, sometimes the fur changes ever so slightly! I do still have an OLD Clifford the big red dog,…probably 30 years old…easily 100 washes…who looks better than ever!

  5. I read the connected post and the comments. Did you every have Isabelle read that one to see how she saved the day?

  6. Such a cute post! I am glad the stuffed animals got a good bath! Artie and Rosie went to Plush Pups on Tuesday for baths, manis, & pedis. They go once a month. Merri will go in May. Cute photos, Stacey! I am glad Ari loves his stuffies so much. He has quite a collection!

  7. Hi Stacey,
    Does any adult who is not a parent or a teacher know all the effort that goes into a pajama/stuffy day? No way! Which one to take? Which one can be washed? Which one is the right size? This year for a celebration day we had bring as many stuffies as you can carry day. My classroom looked like gremlins had taken over. Honestly, it looked amazing in there.

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