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Surprise, Surprise!

How it started:

Sarah is one of my oldest mom friends from Harrisburg. We met at the library when our daughters were babies. Of course, due to Covid, we haven’t seen each other in a little over two years.

How it went:

An hour later, we were reunited on the street outside of my house. We chatted for several minutes before I had to go in to make dinner. Now that the weather is warmer and all of us are vaccinated, we will definitely not be letting another two years go by before seeing each other again!

Seriously, this was the best surprise to end what was a really hectic week.

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16 thoughts on “Surprise, Surprise!

  1. Oh! What a wonderful moment. I know that the pandemic isn’t over, really, but there’s something cheerful as the warm weather arrives and friends become part of our lives again.

    1. That we are! If I heard the story right, the dog that had puppies in this neighborhood was rescued from a local puppy mill after being hit by a car. Thankfully, the dog was okay and birthed the puppies in safety.

  2. Surprise visits from friends are the best! I felt your happy energy through this slice! Glad you two were able to connect! Did this become a Tim-Tok transformation too? “And it went like…” 😊

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