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You Know You Live in Lancaster County When…

When I tell people live in Lancaster County, PA, they often ask me if I see a lot of horse and buggies. The answer is yes. It’s almost a daily thing if we leave the house. In fact, sometimes we don’t even have to leave home to see them. Early in the pandemic, Isabelle and I once sat outside our house for a half-hour writing poetry. In that time, we saw and heard had three horse and buggies go by on the high road, which we can see from our house! So, seeing horse and buggies has become a part of my children’s landscape.

Boy holding both ends of a pool noodle around his sister's waist on a sidewalk.
Yes, Isabelle is blowing bubbles while she plays the role of the horse. I’m guessing this is what she was doing when she was recruited for this by Ari!

I was working in my office and got a photo sent to me of the kids playing outside. If there weren’t an explanation, I would’ve wondered why they were walking so close to one another with Ari holding both ends of a pool noodle around Isabelle’s waist. But then I saw the caption, which read:

Ari is playing horse and buggy.

I burst out laughing! I turned around, hopped out of my desk chair, and bounded towards the door so I could see for myself. Sure enough, I discovered my 11-year-old daughter humoring her 5-year-old brother, so he could play horse and buggy with her. Classic.

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15 thoughts on “You Know You Live in Lancaster County When…

  1. I love how each of our communities has a unique quality. It would be so interesting for me to see a horse and buggy go by! What a neat moment you captured!

  2. Stacey, children can be so imaginative with just a couple of props. I love that Ari thought up a new way to amuse himself and Isabelle gladly obliged him. I remember years-ago slices when you were writing about Isabelle’s adventures in life.

  3. I am glad that you were fast enough to go and see the action in real time. Horses and buggies – you may take it as a given where you live, I think that for most people the sight is unusual.

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