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16 Weeks + 5 Days

Here are the stats:

Pics from PT
  • I’m 16 weeks and five days post-op from foot surgery.
  • Today was my 21st post-op physical therapy session.
  • I spent three hours at physical therapy today.
  • 15 – 20 minutes was spent with the therapist working on my foot.
  • 90 minutes was spent doing strengthening exercises.
  • 60 minutes was spent doing cardio.
  • 15 minutes was spent with ice on my foot at the end.

I am working diligently to restore my strength, range of motion, flexibility, stability, and balance. It is a lot of work. I thought the end would be in sight by now, but physical therapy got delayed due to COVID-19. I don’t have full range of motion yet. The foot pain still increases at night. I rarely work from my home office since I still need to keep my feet elevated in bed as much as possible.

But, I persist. I have a home exercise program I follow daily. I am making progress, but it isn’t fast enough for me. I’ve come to understand feet don’t heal as quickly as the rest of the body since they’re used daily. Yet, I am hopefuly I will make a full recovery.

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17 thoughts on “16 Weeks + 5 Days

  1. It’s good that you are persisting. Your recovery is becoming a full-time job in itself. It’s too bad that covid-19 delayed your PT, but has it been easier to be at home when everyone else is too?

  2. It is hard to be laid up when you are use to being active. Having gone through therapy myself, though not for the foot, I know how tedious it can be, but in the long run worth it. Hang in there.

  3. I really enjoyed how you used the measurement of time throughout your slice and WOW does it take time to recover! May every day leave you feeling a little stronger and may your patience persist!

  4. Such a long process. It is good you are devoted to your PT and home exercises so you get back to full range in time. I am curious what type of surgery you had, not sure if you care to share this. It sounds pretty major from what I have read of your time in recovery. All good thoughts for you. At age 55 (I broke my ankle, simple break, then was in a cast for about 6 weeks but had a cast liner that allowed me to take showers, which was great.) But the PT and the time it took to get back to full range and use, was longer than I was expecting, but not awful. Plus I did not have two young children to tend to. All best to you.

    1. It was an ankle arthroscopy with debrightment. (I had broken my ankle and torn a ligament back in September. The fractures healed, but not the ligament.)
      Oh, those days with the cast cover were not fun. Hoping not to have to go down that road again!

      1. Wow…..I have heard the ligaments can be tricky. Glad you will be ok eventually. But a long haul. Good luck. It will heal eventually I am positive and hope you are, too. I am not sure they still sell the cast liner but I got a heads-up from the wife of an orthopedist who said I had to ask for it. It was called Pro-Cell (sp?) liner. If it is still sold and I qualified for it, I would get it in a heartbeat. I broke mine in mid-July…so I was luckily in the AC a lot. I could not use crutches either. I was happy to get my boot and cane and handicapped sticker (which I only used when needed). So I extend more sympathy your way for the days you are spending not able to do all you want.

  5. Feet are so important! One doesn’t truly understand that until one has an ordeal such as yours. I’m glad you are persevering. I’m also glad to see you have good shoes! I’m a fan of Brooks. I wear them exclusively and they have helped tremendously with my plantar fascia. From one foot pain sufferer to another, hang in there! It will get better.

    1. Good eye! I started wearing the Ariel model over a decade ago when my plantar fasciitis started. They’re the only sneakers I can wear comfortably. (These ‘20 Ariels were my present to myself for the day I was able to start walking out of the house without an ankle brace.)

  6. It must feel slow, but went I think back to the start of your injury, you have made such significant progress. “But, I persist.” I just love this line. It should be one we all pull out to use, often.

  7. Boy do I relate to this. Two years in a row I had foot healing–once for a broken ankle and once for elective surgery on both feet (bunions and an implant). Keep persisting. It’s hard but it will be over some day.

  8. But… yet… I can hear the frustration here and read the determination. I think you need to find one of the shirts that says, “Still, she persisted.” Fitting for you for so many reasons 🙂

  9. I applaud your diligence with therapy, especially given the length of time this is taking! It’s when our bodies fail us somehow that we are reminded just how precious it is to have all our parts working the way they should. Here’s to speedier healing!

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