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Multitasking at Its Finest (or at Its Worst)

100+ days into quarantine life and we’ve watched all eight seasons of “Kids Baking Championship.” Isabelle has made “Chopped Junior” her new pre-bedtime show. Personally, I don’t like “Chopped Junior” (nor am I a fan of “Chopped” for that matter) anywhere near as much as “Kids Baking Championship” so I often do something on my laptop while she watches.

I was in the midst of redesigning Two Writing Teachers this evening when I noticed I hadn’t heard her say anything for five minutes. I looked to my right and this is what I saw:

I bet she would’ve stayed here all night if I had let her.

Once I realized Isabelle’s eyes were closing, I encouraged her to get up and go to sleep.

“So cozy,” she muttered.

“I know you’re cozy, but I can’t lift you. I need you to go into your bed.”

She rolled onto her right side, away from me, and said, “So so cozy.”

“You’ll be cozy in your own bed too,” I replied.

After another minute of the back-and-forth cozy banter, I managed to get her out of my bed and down the hall.

Perhaps I need to find a show we both enjoy so this doesn’t happen again.


BTW: Here’s a glimpse at the partially-completed TWT main page. I’m still tinkering!
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11 thoughts on “Multitasking at Its Finest (or at Its Worst)

  1. I fully understand her feelings of too cozy to make the move she needs to make! I love a good cooking show, but I am limited in what I get to watch here. My son and I used to watch cooking shows together and he is now a great cook- so there will be benefits! PS I like the new look of TWT. What is the template called?

  2. So so cozy… sometimes it is really hard to leave a good place, even if a better one awaits. (Though I suspect that she might disagree that her own bed is a better place than yours.) Time to watch something you both enjoy!

  3. My kids have 100% reverted to co-sleeping since we’ve been home. They’re getting to big for me to carry yo their beds so I have to snuggle with one or the other until they fall asleep. It is cozy! And comforting. And not that great for my back.

  4. Love the It is cozy line! So hard to move them once they slip into this half sleep. I love watching kids at this time but I also know I can’t pick them up and move them. Enjoy these moments!

    1. And that’s why I have to be more attentive at night (and find a better show). I typically catch her as she’s dozing, but this was close to being total dreamland.

  5. So funny! Isabelle was super cozy. I know the feeling. I love that she enjoys the baking shows! Does she like to bake with you?

  6. I hate falling asleep anywhere other than bed- you were smart to try to get her to bed before you lost her. Wren, my oldest, has been into cooking shows recently too. She watches Nailed It on Netflix. I don’t think you have to have baking talents to be on that show…

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