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Remote Art Classes #SOL20

Isabelle read aloud to me and then she read independently. We practiced multiplication flash cards together. We took a virtual field trip to the Cincinnati Zoo for their Home Safari. We participated in day one of Writing Camp with Ranger and Hoppy. However, the real highlights of her day came when she was engaged with not one, not two, but three different illustrators’ virtual art lessons.

Since I’m still on post-op bed rest, I had to conduct “Mommy Home School” from bed. And since my duvet cover and sheets are light blue and white, I insisted on Isabelle spreading a beach towel on our bed so she wouldn’t get charcoal and marker stains on my bedding.

Paying Attention to Peter

At noon, Isabelle watched Peter H. Reynolds read The Dot aloud and then watched him create a watercolor dot. Afterwards, she went to her bedroom and created her own dots. Reynolds writes some of Isabelle’s favorite picture books so she was delighted to watch him in person! Plus, she’s excited to visit the Blue Bunny Bookstore once we are eventually allowed to travel again.

At 2:00 p.m., Isabelle and I watched Jarret J. Krosoczka’s “Draw Every Day” live. He led a session on drawing emotions. It went a little fast for Isabelle so we had to keep stopping, rewinding, and pausing so she could keep up with her sketches. Despite her initial frustration with the speed, she said that the Collaboration Chaos drawing we did together was her favorite part of the day. (It was the equivalent of improv, but for drawing.)

Drawing with Jarrett
Listening to Mo

After some outdoor play this afternoon, Isabelle returned for one more art lesson. This one was with Mo Willems whose books Isabelle has long adored. (Isabelle and Ari dressed as Elephant and Piggie for Halloween when she was in second grade. About a year before that, she attended his exhibit at the NY Historical Society. In other words, she’s a big fan.) What a treasure his class was! He doodled, talked about his process, and taught the kids how to draw Gerald. Plus, his tone was soothing, which was the perfect reassurance at a time like this.


OPTION 1: Isabelle seemed to enjoy her first day of home schooling. Upon reflection, I believe it’s because she had THREE art classes today. (That’s like her dream.) When she could’ve had free iPad time this afternoon, she decided to do a third art with Mo Willems. I think that’s pretty amazing.

OPTION 2: I’m not sure whose drawing class(es) we’ll do tomorrow. But one thing is for sure, the KidLit Community is generous! I am impressed by how many authors and illustrators are reading their books aloud, doing online tutorials, creating printable activity sheets, and more. This is why authors and illustrators are my rock stars!

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29 thoughts on “Remote Art Classes #SOL20

  1. Am I allowed to choose both endings? I’m so glad that those art classes are working out. We had a tough day today, but I think the boys are starting to realize that this is going to last a while. I’d especially like my older guy to consider one or two of these – maybe I’ll show him this slice to give him an idea of what he might see if he did this.

  2. I pick option one!

    You are such a fantastic mom! I love how you keep engaging with your kids, even though you are limited by your surgery.

  3. This slice is such a nice reminder that even though adults are stressed with all the uncertainty, for kids, home school has the potential to include opportunities to explore and connect. There was such warmth and energy in this slice!

  4. I love the fact so many authors, artists, and companies have been donating their time and talents to help those in need. Thank you for sharing those kinds of experiences as the more we share, the more parents can do some great things!

  5. I am jealous! I want to be Isabelle. Three art lesson in a day is my dream too! She is lucky, not just because of having you there to help her through any bumps in online learning, but also to have these generous writers and illustrators sharing their talents.

  6. I choose both endings. I appreciate all of the generous people who are giving of their time too. Thanks for sharing your day with us. It’s helpful to learn of the resources. I hope to get Nat into it today.

    You’re an amazing mom by the way!

  7. I’m with Isabelle: I loved my drawing lessons yesterday! I drew lunch lady and yoda with Jarrett, then Ballet Cat with Bob Shea (video on his website), then Nyan Cat with @Artfulouie, a kid who is posting short art lessons during the school closure. I am overwhelmed by the generosity of the kidlit community with all of these resources every day!

    1. It sure sounds as though your fam made the best of our situation. These resources are truly fun! Thanks for sharing.

  8. This does sound like a dreamy day of homeschooling! I am fighting the urge to investigate and share all the classes that keep popping up in my email and FB feeds, because we’re on Spring Break. Hoping they will continue in the weeks to come!

  9. Hard to choose between these endings, but I love the fact that Isabelle can get her to fill her day with art classes. How cool is that! Such great resources shared, here, Stacey. Sounds like a fabulous day for Iz!

  10. It is amazing authors and illustrators are taking the time to teach kids at home during this time of uncertainty. I love Isabelle’s love of art! I love Peter and was so excited to see him at the KLSA conference 2 years ago. I was like a little kid getting my picture with him! And Mo Willems or free time on iPad? Great choice, Isabelle!

  11. Creativity might be our best friend right now. You came up with a creative mom-stuck-in-bed situation, and generously shared creativity brought joy for Isabelle.

  12. I just found out about this and might try it out myself. My sister says they use these for indoor recess activities at the school she works. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I love how you included choices for the endings! I’m also loving how authors and illustrators are really finding ways to keep kids entertained and learning. Thanks for linking the resources that you used with Isabelle!

  14. As for the ending options, I’m going with “All of the Above.” Besides sounds more like we’re talking about beginnings at this stage — promising ones under the circumstances, as your slice captures them.

  15. I’m so grateful to all of the authors and illustrators that are donating their time to support kids right now. As for me, I’m watching Penny Kittle and Kelly Gallagher on You Tube every day. That’s definitely the highlight of my home learning experience!

  16. My artsy son is going to love this! Having a lesson from Mo Willems is one of his secret dreams, I think. Hang in there! I had ankle repair surgery the week before my son turned three, and I spent 6 weeks on bed rest and another 12 on crutches. I could not drive or walk or move, and spent all day alone with a three year old. I cannot even imagine how hard having to include educational opportunities while you are undergoing all of that at the same time. Sending you lots of positive thoughts for ankle/foot healing!

    1. I appreciate that you can relate. I’m lucky to have some family who came in from out of town to help. Otherwise, I’d be toast. I couldn’t manage Ari + Isabelle at home during a global pandemic + recovery without my family!

      There are quite a few artists who are doing classes (beyond what I wrote about here). It’s quite incredible.

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