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Love Time

Every night, I turn on the white noise in Ari’s room. Marc lifts Ari onto my lap, plugs in a nightlight, then shuts off the overhead light. I snuggle Ari close in a navy and white blanket. Just before he drinks his milk, he declares, “It’s love time!”

I didn’t come up with the name “love time.” He did. But I adore it.

Love time was shorter this evening than it typically is. Maybe it was because Ari was more tired than usual. Typically we chat about a variety of things [e.g., silly things that happened during the day, naughty things he did (like raiding the fridge!), what the panda bears on his wall do during the day, how many stuffed animals are in his crib], but tonight was a short and silly conversation about “Where’s Daddy?” (He was across the hall in his home office.) I noticed Ari rubbing his eyes, so I asked him, “Are you ready for crib?”

“Crib!” he repeated.

“Right now?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“Okay,” I said. “Kiss?”

He puckered up and planted a kiss on me.

“I love you,” I said.

“I love you too,” he said.

Love time erases all of the impish behavior of the day. It’s hard to feel anything but sentimental when it’s love time.

Take a listen!
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15 thoughts on “Love Time

    1. I’ve been thinking about writing about it for quite awhile. Not sure why I hadn’t until yesterday. However, I realized if I didn’t write it now, I might not ever. (Because, at some point, he’s going to stop wanting “love time.”)

  1. What a lovely post and ritual! I love how your son came up with the term “love time”. I cherish this time while my own girls are still young and want to snuggle. I’m glad that everyone is healthy again! – Krista

  2. So sweet! “Love time” — We all need that time, don’t we? I love the sound bite too. Glad you are all healthy.

  3. What a wonderful way to end the day and banish all negativity before turning in for the night. Maybe we would all get a more restful night’s sleep if we did this every night before settling in for the night.

  4. I adore that he calls it LOVE time! What a sweet routine you shared. Now you will always remember it!

    Your kids seem like the sweetest little people!

  5. Love time. What a beautiful, beautiful name for that special time of day with Ari. I love how your slices invite us into such tender moments with your family Stacey.

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