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Pull the Tag

My husband clips his hospital ID tag to his dress shirt every day before he leaves for work. He works in pediatrics so he keeps his ID tag on a retractable clip so his patients can pull on it if they’re feeling fidgety during an appointment.

Isabelle has loved to pull Marc’s ID tag ever since she was little. There’s something about pulling it all of the way out and letting it snap back that has always given her the giggles.

A few months ago, Ari started pulling Marc’s ID tag in the mornings before he left for work. Just like his big sister, Ari loves yanking it out as far as he can before letting it go. (Apparently, my husband has grown numb to these snap-back attacks.)

This morning, my husband said good-bye to the kids as we were waiting near the front door for Isabelle’s bus to arrive. Guess what they both wanted to do (at two and eight years old) before he departed? PULL THE TAG!

Marc gave each kid two turns pulling his tag and letting go before he headed off to work. Giggles ensued. I snapped a few photos since this is the kind of thing I’ll likely forget when they’re teenagers. It’s a silly morning ritual, but there’s something that is playful and endearing about it.

23 thoughts on “Pull the Tag

  1. I had to go back and look at the picture – look at how far it stretches. I love the phrase he “has grown numb to these snap-back attacks” and I love that you thought to capture this moment right now.

  2. There’s a lot to love in this post. I think my favorite slices are the ones that capture a moment, but weave in reflection and help us share an understanding of what someone is really like. That’s what this post does. You don’t tell us what Marc’s like, but we get it. And yes, you will miss the tag-pulling days.

  3. I wear a retractable ID as well, as my neurosurgeon doesn’t want things around my neck. Mine is clipped to my waist band of whatever I’m wearing. (Dresses are another challenge that I won’t get into.) What I did discover one day is that if it crashes to the tile floor at just the right angle the entire thing bursts apart!

  4. I have never before heard of anything like this. I can see from the kid’s point of view that “Pull the tag” is fun.

  5. Stacey, you are so right about the heightened awareness during this season of slicing! I find myself picking up on things that I normally do not if I am not slicing. The curiosity in me wonders if this has something to do with our subconscious mind during #SOLSC month?

    What a fun ritual for your family. Making memories like that will keep your family comforted in the years to come!

  6. So funny! Of course they want to give it a try. I can’t believe how far out it goes, and I’m picture your husband having it snapped back at him every day. I suppose it’s much the same way we don’t even notice the bells anymore on some days.

  7. What a fun morning ritual you captured! SOL allows me to slow down and capture small moments that normally would just pass by without much attention. Love that you took a picture of this special family morning time!

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