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Toy Day

We leave for Isabelle’s school later than I’d like nearly every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Why? Because Tuesdays and Thursdays are toy day in Kindergarten! However, Isabelle typically remembers this fact once her shoes and coat are on and we’re almost out the door. So then I have to wait (Sometimes I manage to do it patiently.) while Isabelle finds the perfect toy to bring to school.

This morning, I was determined to leave on-time. Therefore, I encouraged Isabelle to put on her socks and sneakers ten minutes earlier than usual. Then I reminded her to pick her toy in advance of donning her coat.

Can you guess what happened?

Fortunately, Isabelle did what was asked. As I came downstairs, I heard Isabelle searching for a toy from her play room. She selected a doll my in-laws bought her a few years ago.

“I’m bringing Little Isabelle to school,” she declared.

Penelope, I thought. That doll’s name used to be Penelope. Instead, I said, “I’m glad you made a choice quickly this morning.”

Since we had time to spare, Isabelle sat down in front of Ari and attempted to play with him. (She’s desperate to play with him. However, his way of playing is putting everything into his mouth, which Isabelle doesn’t always appreciate!) He smiled when she showed him her Little Isabelle doll. I glanced at my watch. We are ready early! Therefore, I let them “play” together for a couple of minutes.

Finally, it was time to go. We rolled away from the house at 7:38 a.m., which amazed me. After all, today is Toy Day, which means we never early. But today, we did.

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13 thoughts on “Toy Day

  1. There was such a celebratory feel in your post today – your daughter picking out her toy quickly, your two children playing so well together and everyone arriving to school early! This was such a sweet post to start my day.

  2. “I glanced at my watch. We are ready early!”

    I love this feeling! You captured the small victory in a way that many parents can easily relate. The inner-monologue was a great way to create that connection. A post that lifts the spirits.

  3. Stacey, I love this piece where you share your thinking and feelings – I know you like to be punctual and organized. Toy Day is definitely a challenge – which one to choose? I laughed because I am like this with umbrellas, sweaters, scarves, and books. Which one to choose? The photo of Isabelle and Ari playing – so sweet – and the part where you share that Isabelle does not appreciate Ari’s “taste” in the toys that are shared. She will be glad when he no longer has to put everything in his mouth to experience it! A wonderful post this morning. Thank you!

  4. Stacey, another great slice and a peek into your morning with two little ones. The photo captures the moment as your words do too. Patience you seem to have in abundance!

  5. Your use of parentheses in this post is SO effective at creating voice. You’re doing a great job of capturing moments that both Isabelle and Ari will cherish one day.

  6. Hurrah! Having toy day twice a week is a big deal. I hear what is brought for sharing from Imi quite a bit, so hard to choose just the right thing.

  7. OK, this did not turn out as I had expected, although I don’t consider myself a pessimist! I never figured that you would get out the door on time despite your attempts. Bravo!! Impressive.

  8. Agreed…I am impressed you truly made it out the door in time. It seems like any time I let my kiddo have extra play time it backfires on me. Glad it worked for you guys!

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