Seeing the World in Black & White

Isabelle walked into my bedroom while I was watching the first few minutes of “CBS This Morning.” A story about Hillary Clinton being the presumptive nominee was on. The report featured an excerpt of Bernie Sanders speaking in California. Isabelle seemed unimpressed by what she saw.

Click on the image to enlarge.

Shades of gray don’t apply to the preschool brain, do they? In Isabelle’s mind (& I’m sure many other kids’ minds), they see the world in terms of good guys and bad guys. And apparently, if someone is raising their voice — in Isabelle’s world — they aren’t a good guy.


12 thoughts on “Seeing the World in Black & White

  1. Although I teach children older than Isabelle, I like listening in on their conversations about politics. It can be insightful and funny.

  2. I can certainly understand why people who seem to be screaming and shouting would appear to be bad guys.

    This piece really made me think, Stacey. It’s funny, at some point in time we begin to understand that there are so many shades of gray, although even adults can close their minds to views they do not agree with or even wish to consider – and sometimes have a “black or white” perspective.

    The world would be a better place if we could teach our students to let other people’s thinking in. We do this most often when we hold rich discussions, debates, and small group conferences. So in our classroom, perhaps we can help our students open up to at least listen carefully to thinking different than their own.

  3. I love how kids are so honest in their reactions and give us as adults lots to think about. It is clear that Isabelle is trying to figure out her world. I appreciate her independent thinking!

  4. This snippet of conversation shows just how important it is for us as teachers to let students see many different perspectives and to have conversations about our world. I always try to not show my opinions to give them the opportunity to build their own. I loved listening in on Isabelle’s conversation this morning!

  5. Sometimes what children say reminds me of things to which we have become accustomed, and maybe should not have. I think Isabelle has a point. It is the yelling that often turns me off.

  6. Isabelle is a wise little girl. We need to listen to ourselves and we might change the tone in which we speak no matter how passionate we are.

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