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Empowering a Kid

Last week, I encouraged Isabelle to fix herself an after school snack rather than relying on me to do it. While I’d still handle refrigerator items (eg, cheese, veggies, or fruit), she would be in charge of pantry items, like granola bars and crackers.

Things were going along fine until 45 minutes before dinner this evening. She’d showered after returning from the pool. She beat us downstairs. As Marc and I walked downstairs — talking about what was for dinner — Isabelle’s voice called out, “I’m having a snack!”

Whaaaat? No way.

She spoke up again, “I made myself a snack… of Bunnies.” 

I glanced at Marc. We snickered & giggled. 

Look what I’ve done!

We walked into the kitchen, just 45 minutes before dinnertime, and found Isabelle snacking on not only Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies but on tortilla chips too! Nice pre-dinner snack, eh?

At least she found a paper cup to put the Bunnies in rather than spreading them all over the table. 


19 thoughts on “Empowering a Kid

  1. Independence can be a mixed blessing. Maybe she needs a bit more of the “gradual release model”. She sounds like such a spunky kid- the ones that I always enjoy.

  2. I love this, Stacey! Good for her, I say. She knew just what to do. 🙂

    Does Isabelle shower and wash her hair by herself? I’ll be so jealous if you say yes.

  3. So grown up – another step toward independence! One day, she will enjoy reading about all these adorable moments that otherwise may have been forgotten.

  4. She is so cute! I only wish I could make bunnies and chips my favorite snack everyday, but I would need extra days in the week to go and workout!

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