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The Prescription That Felt More Like a Good Report Card

We took Isabelle for her annual well-child checkup this morning. We were delighted she’s grown three inches since her four-year-old well-child checkup considering more than half of the dinners she’s eaten in the past year have consisted of grilled cheese sandwiches! (Not for nothing, but they’ve been served on wheat bread with a vegetable and fruit on the side. I guess that helped.) In fact, today was the first time I’ve ever been visited her pediatrician where I haven’t come in with a notebook page or Evernote note filled with questions and concerns! Today, my husband and I had two questions, both of which weren’t significant enough to write down. And let me tell you, that felt awesome!

But here’s what really felt good:


Isabelle’s pediatrician handed this prescription to her towards the end of the visit. He went through every bullet point in an effort to explain what the words meant. He told Isabelle she needs to get eight or more hours of sleep at night. (Check! She gets about 10 hours/night.) Next, he stated  she should eat five or more vegetables and fruits daily. (Check! On school days I know she gets this amount. Weekends are another story, but everyone cheats a bit on weekends, right?) Afterward, her pediatrician told her she shouldn’t have more than two hours of screen time a day. Then he interrupted himself, recalling Isabelle told him the only two shows she’s allowed to watch, and said he knows she doesn’t watch much TV. (So… check! Case in point — Isabelle had an hour of screen time today: a half-hour of “Sesame Street” followed by a half-hour working with me on speech apps on the iPad.) Next, he reminded her to play for at least one hour a day. (Check! This kid plays more hours than I can count.) Finally, he reminded her to never drink sugary sweetened drinks. (Check! We don’t bring soda in our house.)

I chuckled aloud. “Dr. B., Marc and I aren’t perfect parents — at all. But I’ve got to tell you, this prescription makes me feel really good.”

He smiled,”You’re definitely doing an above-average job on these things. Keep it up!”

“Thanks,” I replied.

We spent a few more minutes talking with him about typical five-year-old concerns (which test our patience daily) before we checked out. This evening, as we were bickering with Isabelle about the merits of going upstairs for bedtime, I looked at the script again. Sleep, produce intake, limited media time, lots of play, and no sugary drinks. We may not have everything figured out, but five years in, I have to say, I think we’re doing pretty well.

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16 thoughts on “The Prescription That Felt More Like a Good Report Card

  1. Isabelle is one lucky little lady and doesn’t it feel good to know you’re doing the right things raise a little human in a way that is healthy and strong!? Kudos to you and Marc!

  2. My niece, who will turn 18 this year, was raised vegetarian and survived on grilled cheese sandwiches. It seems as though you have an excellent pediatrician who really knows how to talk to kids. I love that he talked to Isabelle about her prescription!

  3. I was particularly impressed that the doctor addressed his comments to Isabelle. He demonstrated such respect for your daughter in that important action. He also re-affirmed you as a parent, in relation to your responsible parenting. Wins all round here me thinks.

  4. It’s nice to have something to pat yourself on the back for! I try to find something every day. Just one thing!

  5. Glad you scored so well on this report card. It’s one my daughter shared with me when she did her pediatric rotation. She worries all the time about too much screen time. What a blessing for you to visit her pediatrician without a long list of questions and concerns! And I love it that Isabelle’s doctor talks to her.

  6. I can see how this check-up made you feel proud. It’s not necessarily easy for all parents to keep up with the recommendations. I think that sugar and TV often undermine the healthy life. I was really impressed with your doctor too. You are very lucky to have him indeed.

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