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Reshaping a Year

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Our next year

was reshaped

in 12 short hours and

in 3 little words.
We have love

because we have each other.

We have faith

because we have a strong plan.

We have hope

because we have fought tough battles

and have won


Our next year

will be different

from the one we envisioned–

but we have


and faith

and hope.

The only other thing we need

is some chocolate

to hide in the cabinets

to perk us up

on days when

love and faith and hope

don’t feel like enough.


41 thoughts on “Reshaping a Year

  1. Powerful poem. I think about Julie Andrews as Maria in “The Sound of Music” saying how Mother always says when one door closes, another opens. While of course not knowing any of the particulars of the situation, what comes through in this poem is the strength and love of your family and your belief that you will get through whatever you need to get through, together. It also reminds me of the power of writing in our lives to help process our feelings. Sending you good wishes as your plan takes new shape and hoping the chocolate is plentiful for those days where you need a little something more.

    1. Thank you, Kathleen. The news came right after we chatted on the phone last week.

      I appreciate the reminder from “The Sound of Music,” which is one of my favorite movies. It does apply to this situation.

  2. Best wishes, Stacey, to you and yours. Every day’s a new day, hoping that your ‘chocolate’ keeps you taking the next step. I hope you can feel the warmth of the community all day.

  3. 12hours of news and yey you have gone to a place of resiliency rather than despair. May the next 12 hours and the next 12 days and 12 months and 12 years always find you sourcing hope, faith and chocolate

  4. Those moments…those life changing moments are humbling. Your faith and positivity in this post will carry you and your family through this unexpected turn. Wishing you piles of yummy chocolate to help you through…along with love of friends and family! Know that you can do this. One of my favorite authors (Glennon Doyle Melton) says that, “We can do hard!” You can do this!! We are here for you!

  5. I’m waiting right now for some news that will determine the next year of my life, and it certainly will not look like I thought my future would. Hanging on with hope, sending you and yours lots of love and chocolate 🙂

  6. Such perseverance you are showing! Your words made me stop and reflect on my life and how much I appreciate my “status quo.” Life can change in a heartbeat…Thank you for this reminder.

  7. Anything is possible with chocolate in the cabinets. And with good friends. Don’t be afraid to lean on us a little if you need to.

  8. Stacey, I am sending you wishes for strength and all that you need to navigate a difficult time. You are much on my mind. Your poem is beautiful, but I am sorry for the difficulty behind it. Lisa

  9. The words “we have” told me that you are not alone in this change of life, but you have a partner who supports you. Hugs to you as you work through this curve ball of life.

  10. The mantra of “we have” is powerful and will carry you. That gift that will grow through the year that isn’t what you expected. Wishing you and yours strength and extra chocolate.

  11. With faith, love, and others we can get through whatever life throws our way. Chocolate always helps. Wishing you the strength you need.

  12. Love, faith, hope, and chocolate… I am thinking of you and your family, knowing that you have what you need to lean on and draw strength from. We are part of your community, too, Stacey, and here to lean on as well.

  13. Like others noticed, I am glad to see the “we”, as well as the glimpse into the perspective you have right now. Perspective makes so much of a difference on how you approach the challenges and unexpected of life. The way you approach life is an inspiration.

  14. My thoughts are with you. Stacey. Your poem shows the seriousness of the situation but also all of the supports you have in place already, including humor. I know that whatever it is you will be able to handle it and your family will be even stronger because, or maybe in spite of, it. Take care, friend.

  15. Wow – the only thing constant about life is change, isn’t it?! You’ve shown all of us how to take on challenges and change with grace and faith, so I’m sure you’ll show us again.

  16. Things change for reasons we cannot fathom. Eventually there will be new joys! Until then, I know you can always buy more chocolate, but your faith and hope will need renewing through the Love. Here’s wishing you cabinets full of chocolate, and strong hearts filled with Love to surround you and renew you whenever you need more!

  17. Your poem is so powerful. It brought me right back to a turning point moment of my own, and the difficulty of it all. Not knowing what your news is, I do know that the first days are the hardest part–and I also know that you are strong and full of love. I’m here for you and thinking of you!

  18. It’s clear to me that you know what is important during the tough days of our lives: faith, hope, love and family. That stash of chocolate is just the icing. You are in my thoughts.

  19. I wish I had the time to thank each of you personally right now, but I have phone calls to make (Believe it or not, at 9 o’clock at night!). That said, I appreciate all of the support. I needed encouragement today (and almost didn’t share this, but literally couldn’t type out any other words than these while trying to write from the heart).

    1. It is that writing from the heart that needs to happen before anything else sometimes, that can be both the most powerful and the most difficult to share.

  20. Stacey, this poem is beautiful. (Clearly I’m behind in my Slicing today…) But thank you for sharing this with us so we can support you! I hope I’m communicating my encouragement when I say here’s to not needing that chocolate. I’m wishing you the best this evening.

  21. Your powerful words remind us that this community shares the good and the difficult. Blessings and hugs as you reach for love, faith, hope, and an occasional chocolate.

  22. I’m not sure what other supportive words to share, but know that you have a community here to support you. And even though things may not be going the way that you had planned, in due time you may find a blessing or two in disguise in the reshaping of your year because it was all in God’s Hands. (And, yes!! Chocolate does help in the moment!!!)

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