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Stopping to Smell the Flowers

Tulips. They’re my favorite. The ones in stores don’t have a remarkable smell. They’re not fragrant like roses or lilies. But today, I smelled tulips that smelled divine. And while I can’t think of the perfect word to describe them, my daughter came up with a unique description.

Created with LittleHoots.
Created with LittleHoots.

Golden? Hmmm… Not exactly the word I would’ve chosen, but I suppose it works!

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21 thoughts on “Stopping to Smell the Flowers

  1. Children sense things that we have lost touch with, Stacey. I’m learning this with my own young son. I love your daughters description, by the way 🙂 I can see how they would smell golden; maybe she is referring to their freshness, like from the Outsiders 😉

  2. Golden is a just right word. Love the picture, too. Why is it, though, that I can’t get that song out of my head?

  3. I used to live in Baltimore and have been thinking of the city and friends still there during this difficult time. On a brighter note, the Botanical Gardens is a beautiful place and I love the idea of a tulip smelling “golden.” You may just have a budding writer already utilizing creative word choice on your hands!

  4. I remember the fall my father ordered tulips from Holland. He could barely contain his excitement all winter waiting for 100 tulips to bloom. That was a glorious spring (in the 1960s) and I’ve loved tulips ever since. Thank you for sharing this joyful moment.

  5. I was able to raise “A” tulip in far West Texas. I lucked out with one harsh winter. It was such a thrill to watch it bloom!

    I can understand Isabelle’s description of the tulip as golden!! Anything that brings about such joy to her momma has to be golden!!

  6. I love the word Isabelle chose, and I also love seeing tulips pop up in the spring.

    On another note, even though you have posted pictures of Isabelle throughout the years, this picture makes her look so old! It always amazes me with kids (even my own that I see in person day to day vs. glimpses in photos from time to time) how one day they just look different and like they have shifted from one stage to the next.

    I am glad you two were able to enjoy the tulips together and take the time to pause and talk about the smells.

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