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How Many?

Ari is a fabulous helper in the grocery store. He seems to know where nearly every item we buy regularly is at Wegmans, which is a huge help to me since my husband is the primarybWegmans shopper in our family.

One of Ari’s favorite things to help with at the store is weighing and labeling the produce. I noticed he was taking longer than usual at the scale this weekend. I walked over to him and asked, “Did you forget the code?”

“No,” Ari replied.

“How come you’re still standing there?” I asked Ari quizzically.

“I think it’s asking me how many… but I’m not sure,” he replied.

Now that Ari is becoming a reader, he recognized the extra step the scale promoted when it wanted to price by item, not weight. In that moment, Ari realized he needed to input how many mangoes were needed before he was able to print out the produce label. But he wasn’t entirely sure if that’s what he was supposed to do since I wasn’t right by his side.

“You’re right. It says how many. Go ahead, count how many mangoes you have, enter it, and then—”

“Press print!” Ari replied.

The combination of Ari becoming a reader while helping is such a gift.

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19 thoughts on “How Many?

    1. Wegmans is my favorite grocery store. I know some people who would say Whole Foods (too pricy) or Trader Joe’s (we don’t have one) is the best. However, I’d take on anyone to debate for Wegmans!

  1. I love those moments when children share their first steps as readers. My granddaughter and I were trying to read the Valentine’s Day message on the art board I gave her.

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