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This is us! (Not the show.)

2022 is still in its infancy… and I’m here to report it’s just as bad as I anticipated. My kids feel as though they’re on house arrest since Omicron is running rampant through our community. I’ll spare you my complaints about cancelations, homeschooling, articles that need to get written, meetings and appointments that have gotten canceled, etc. You know why? I want to make you laugh as hard as I did when my one of my dearest friends DMed me tonight.

Embedded in the DM was an Instagram reel. Marc was sleeping when it popped up so I told her I’d watch it in the morning. She wrote back and — using the combination of our last names I invented to represent klutzy things we do — said, “It’s pure Mandelbitz.”

Well, I had to get my AirPods to watch it immediately.

And when I did, I had to stifle my laughter so as to not wake Marc. It felt like earthquake-level shaking in order to keep my roar inside. Why? This video embodies the dopey kind of things we’ve done throughout our time as friends. (I met her during sorority rush in 1995. She wanted to meet the girl on crutches — me — to find out what I had done because she’s a bit of a klutz. When she heard I sprained my ankle getting into a cab after eating ice cream, a friendship was born. Plus, it didn’t hurt that she quickly discovered that she went to high school with my older cousin.)

But enough about the genesis of the Mandelbitz friendship.

Hope you laugh as hard as I did!
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6 thoughts on “This is us! (Not the show.)

  1. Haha I love that! I would probably stumble over my words as well as the door.
    Also enjoyed the story of your friendship 🙂 one of my bridesmaids and I met because she wanted to know why I was in costume in the first day of writing class (it was for a sorority party which I invited to), besties ever since!

  2. Isn’t friendship the best remedy for the world we’re living in? It transcends all the fears, the setbacks, the disappointments of our pandemic times – like a vapory mist rising off a pond in the early morning cold air. I don’t know your friend, but I sure do think we could hang out as fellow klutzmates. 🙂

    1. Absolutely!
      BTW: I used to walk into things with my big toes for years. They were so bruised. Eventually, I learned to wear shoes in the house so it would stop happening. I learned that when I was 32 or 33 though!

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