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What a kidder! #SOL20

Ari brought me a Little Elliot book to read. I had a feeling I wasn’t about to read Little Elliot Big Fun since he’s been swapping the book jacket from that book and another Little Elliot book. Why? Probably because he knows removing book jackets annoys me AND because he thinks it’s funny. (I’ll admit it. Swapping book jackets is kind of funny.)

As soon as I saw the end papers, I know I have Little Elliot Big Family in my hands. But I didn’t say anything. I read the title page and said, “Hmmm… this doesn’t match the book’s cover.”

Thing is, the book jacket isn’t just on the wrong book. It’s been replaced with a different jacket that’s both upside down and backwards!

I don’t get annoyed. Instead, I realize my son offered up a glimpse into his three-year-old antics (& a slice of life story to boot). I laughed, allowed him to lay his head on my shoulder, and read Little Elliot Big Family aloud to him while it sat inside of the Little Elliot Big Fun book cover.


16 thoughts on “What a kidder! #SOL20

  1. Thank you for making me smile. The book cover switch has happened at our house (I used to think it was by accident, but I’m not so sure anymore). So, I grab the middle grade novel that I want to read while I wait for my youngest to practice soccer, and when I open the book, it is a different hard cover than the cover states. Last week, I read Restart again because of this.:)

  2. I am getting the sense that Ari is trying to entertain you as best as he can. Between hiding things under your bed, bringing you the wrong ice pack and switching book covers, he’s doing lots of little goofy things to make you smile. Or drive you crazy. You know, whatever works.

  3. Interesting, most of our kids’ books we read to them were from the library so the covers were firmly cemented on, otherwise I think cover swapping could have become a ‘thing’! Will have to check out Little Elliot, he looks cute!

  4. My students and now my grandchildren take the covers off always! One of my grandchildren offered her explanation. “You really don’t need them,” she said. “The story is inside the book.”

    1. That used to be Isabelle’s theory. UNTIL Little Elliot. You see, the jacket and the casing are different. Little Elliot Big City was the book that got her to keep the book jackets on so that she could “keep Little Elliot warm.”

  5. This was glorious. I have an 8 1/2 month old grandson I read to daily – many many books. We have been removing covers it we can because it like to eat them. Today we started a new book – the book cover inside if covered with animals and information. We both stopped and stared. He because he is little and stares at all new things with wonder and I because of the beauty and wonder of using this blank space to share a little it more. Get a copy of Night Animals Need Sleep To – it was just released but it is great. It is book two to Night Animals. (which we read over and over – in a board book form.
    I look forward to the days this little man is three and curls in to read like your little guy. Enjoy these wonderful time.

  6. So cute! I wonder what his motivation is. And I’m marvelling at the spatial sense he’s demonstrating. Not all covers physically fit all books. I’d like to watch him work his way through finding some that match.

  7. Haha I can so relate! My daughter is 2.5 and currently has a collection of book jackets in her basket in her room. It is the first thing she takes off and I finally got tired of putting them back on. I love your son’s antics and I can only imagine how giggly he gets when you start reading.

  8. Hahaha! My son went through the removing book jackets and the swapping books jackets phases when he was younger too. I have no idea why kids do this, but I spent a LOT of time fishing book jackets out of the recycling bin and putting them back on the books!

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