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This Is Ari.

Last night was the season finale of “This is Us,” which is probably my favorite show on television right now. I was inspired to create a “This is Ari (at 17 months)” list since I want to remember exactly who he is right now.


  1. Throws things in the kitchen sink.
  2. Climbs on my Pilates equipment.
  3. Removes nightlights that are plugged-in.
  4. Holds packages and admires the people on them (e.g., the Triple Paste baby, the lady on the Land O’ Lakes butter container).
  5. Throws items out of his play yard. (But, as of last night, puts them back in upon request.)
  6. Takes out the bottom book from a pile, thereby sending them all to the floor.
  7. Unrolls toilet paper.
  8. Rubs hands together when he wants to have his hands washed, which is multiple times a day,
  9. Climbs onto the bathroom stool as another means of requesting hand washing assistance.
  10. Disconnects FaceTime calls by pressing the big, red circle.

18 thoughts on “This Is Ari.

  1. I’m happy to capture my grandsons on my blog and sad this wasn’t something I was doing when my kids were young. I like this glimpse into Ari right now. Several people have told us to watch This Is Us. We’ll have to catch up by watching it on Netflix or wherever it’s available. Hug that sweet 17 month old. He’s right between my grandsons who are almost 21 and almost 14 months.

  2. The list brought a smile to my face, remembering those toddler days in our home which seem so distant now. I’m glad you paused to capture those memories in writing!

  3. Love this Ari list, Stacey. A great idea! My favorite is #4 – holds packages and admires the people on them. I laughed out loud at that one! Precious moments, precious snippets captured in writing, precious baby!

  4. Oh, this is a great idea! People say that you will always remember … and the truth is I can’t and I don’t! I’m so thankful for little snippets of my writing that has captured my girls too. Ari is getting so big! Great photos to capture Ari’s actions!

  5. I love this structure! I have a 16 month old (and a 4 and 7 year old) and many of Ari’s things remind me of my son. I will have to write a “This is ” post for each of my kids.

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