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The Saddest Time of the Day

Isabelle dons her socks and shoes. Next, she puts on her coat, scarf, and hat. Then, she plays with Ari — while bundled up — as I watch for the school bus from the sidelights of our front door.

As soon as her bus rounds the bend of our street, I call, “Your bus is here!”

She stops what she’s doing (if I’m lucky), puts on her backpack, gets a kiss on the head from me, and then heads out the door, down the driveway, and boards the school bus.

But there’s something else happening in the hustle of that moment. Ari stands there, waving, and repeatedly says, “Bye-bye! Bye-bye, Iz! Bye-bye!”

Once Isabelle sits down, she faces us and waves good-bye. This morning, kisses were blown back and forth as the bus pulled away.

Then, Ari stands there — silently staring as the bus pulls away — with the saddest look on his face. It happens daily and it doesn’t get easier to watch.

I remind him, “Izzy will be home this afternoon & you’ll get to play with her.”

I pick him up and hug him. Ari continues to look outside at the space where the bus once stood. He doesn’t cry, but continues to look sad and perplexed since the bus takes his favorite playmate away for the day.


16 thoughts on “The Saddest Time of the Day

  1. Oh, these pictures! His little sweet head watching her go! It’s so hard to be the little sibling left at home, although the older sibling might feel pangs that the little one gets to stay and play with mom all day. My mom always talks about the times my sister got on the school bus and I would run down the block back to her after waiting with my sister. I’m sure you will always remember these moments too- and now you have the writing to remind you!

  2. Oh the photos, especially the last one! Ari and Iz — so much love. You capture the scene beautifully; even without the pictures, I could see the action.

  3. This is such a sweet post and will be such fun to share with your kids when they are older. I love the photos, especially of Ari at the door watching Isabelle get on that mean bus.

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