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The Gift of Time

I love watching Isabelle dote on Ari. She has become the "mother hen" I expected she would be.
I love watching Isabelle dote on Ari. She has become the “mother hen” I expected she would be.

I expected a dusting of snow on the ground when I rose this morning.

And I was greeted by a dusting of snow at 6:00 a.m.

But I was also greeted with a text message at 6:08 a.m. declaring a two-hour delay at my daughter’s school. Unfortunately, that message arrived eight minutes after her alarm went off.

Isabelle still ate breakfast with her daddy at the usual time. I stayed in bed, scrolling through my Twitter feed. (There’s nothing like outrage to start one’s Tuesday, right?) Eventually, Isabelle came upstairs and snuggled with me under the covers for a half-hour.

Around 7:40 a.m., which is when we’re typically out the door, I found myself plodding around my kitchen fixing breakfast for myself. Afterwards, I convinced Isabelle to do her daily reading in the morning, rather than after school. We snuggled on the couch, shrouded by a blanket, together.

Ari didn’t wake up until after 8:30 a.m.! Once upstairs, I challenged Isabelle to get dressed for school faster than I could change Ari’s diaper and get him dressed. She (barely) beat us! Then she hung out with her brother in his bedroom while I engaged in some self-care (e.g., brushing my teeth, washing my face, putting my hair in a neat ponytail). Once I returned, our regular morning routine began. I gave Ari his bottle while she created art in her play room.

Once Ari digested his formula, I brought him downstairs. Next, I went back upstairs to get dressed. When I came downstairs for the third time, I discovered my kids hanging out together. Ari was staring adoringly at Isabelle while she was talking to him in a sweet voice. My heart swelled with pride. They love each other. What more could I ask for?

There’s so much happening in the world right now that frustrates/angers/scares me. The gift of two extra hours this morning (for snow that was practically melted by 10:30 a.m.) reminded me I must savor my kids and mornings like the one I had today.

Head over to for more slice of life stories.
Head over to for more slice of life stories.

19 thoughts on “The Gift of Time

  1. Stacey, congratulations on baby Ari! How fabulous! You were given the gift of time and used it to be present with those sweet kids – this was delightful. I think children are our beacons of light and hope these days.

  2. Ordinary routines of life, yet in them there are such delightful moments … treasures that are with us forever — if we choose to cherish them. Thank you for sharing your treasures, Stacey.

  3. The gift of time is something to treasure and savor. Spending it with family is the best use of that gift. Sounds like your daughter enjoys being a big sister.

  4. Welcome back, Stacey. It is so good to hear your stories again but now we have the pleasure of love times two. Not only is snow a bonus but the love of siblings should warm the coldest day.

  5. I love this post so much!!!! Times like those are beautiful and fleeting and gifts from heaven. There’s nothing like a dusting of snow to slow us down, focus us and remind us that, though we seem to have stepped through the wardrobe and into Narnia, spring will come. Your writing was a gift to me today! Thank you!

  6. So good to have you back to Slicing! 🙂 Love this story and I agree- we need to find the loving, happy moments where we can.

  7. This is beautiful and made me slow down and sigh. So happy baby Ari is here and that he and Isabelle are hanging out and enjoying each other’s company! What a perfect slice! ❤

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